David Harbour Breaks Down His Most Iconic Characters | GQ

  • Dom_ Bak0531
    Dom_ Bak0531

    Jim Hopper will forever be his most iconic role!

  • The Last Ranger
    The Last Ranger

    walk among the tombstones is my favorite movie he’s been in. He and his serial killer partner were very creepy.

  • J.R. Foster
    J.R. Foster

    Those eyes are a LITTLE too Blue David….🤫

  • marc07112

    Wasn't he in that movie with Johnny Depp too? He was good in the equalizer lol


    You guys NEED to do this with Jimmy woo hes been in so many movies it would be like a hour long video

  • Lilly Chang
    Lilly Chang

    Omg I love him he deserves more movies

  • nostalgiatrip1

    I loved him as Elliot Hirsch in the Newsroom.

  • AretnaP 3
    AretnaP 3

    TheFirstPlace I Saw Harbour, was on NBC's "Law&Order" Series.

  • darkstar66125

    He might be the first actor on one of these things that actually acknowledges bad reviews of one of his films

  • Vice Matušan
    Vice Matušan

    My least favourite character of his is the one that thinks socialism is great.

  • Ro

    The convo between Van Hauser and Brian always makes me laugh SO HARD I mean the face Jake makes and Van Hausers tone is just hilarious dhfsjbdks

  • Joshua D
    Joshua D

    Black widow was great!

  • YGL Bull
    YGL Bull

    I wonder what they did in Russia to make him turn into Red Guardian

  • cubes_cubes

    Me clicking on this video be like stranger things time :D

  • Brandon Katz
    Brandon Katz

    David Harbour went to my high school. My No. 1 claim to fame.

  • Julian Carr
    Julian Carr

    He was really great and ‘unlikeable’ in Quantum of Solace

  • Elizabeth Smyth
    Elizabeth Smyth

    He wasn't on my radar at all until I saw Black Widow yesterday and now I have a crush. GOOD GOD he's so hot in that movie.

  • Miguel Cereceres
    Miguel Cereceres

    I cant believe half the comments are not just about how effing gorgeous he is 😳

  • Dylan Martino
    Dylan Martino

    He kinda looks like Doug marone the car reviewer car lol 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Bryan Brumbeloe
    Bryan Brumbeloe

    If you support David"GET OUT AND PUNCH PEOPLE IN THE FACE"Harbour, then you support political violence!

  • Mercutio Murphy
    Mercutio Murphy

    my favorite role by him is super lib. his career has taken off ever since

  • Diasmc Coelho
    Diasmc Coelho

    Do this with Florence Pugh pls.

  • Nolan Friedline
    Nolan Friedline

    Release the Harbour cut... of Hellboy

  • Faby cho
    Faby cho

    Look at those eyes he's gorgeous 🤩

  • Faby cho
    Faby cho

    He was amazing in black Widow Red Guardian and Yelena were the heart and fun of the movie literally the best parts

  • Miss Fira
    Miss Fira

    I have such a crush on him. He’s a beautiful human😍

  • Reyjene Tapia
    Reyjene Tapia

    I love his acting no matter what

  • Druuzil Tech & Games
    Druuzil Tech & Games

    David Harbour is an open Commie.

  • CJ Meyers
    CJ Meyers

    David can go @#$& himself

    • Jack Kelly, I'm a lawyer
      Jack Kelly, I'm a lawyer

      @CJ Meyers Lol good luck out there 👍

    • CJ Meyers
      CJ Meyers

      @Jack Kelly, I'm a lawyer No. I would have said that I felt bad for Robin. I can't imagine him being locked up in a cave with you. Pretty sure that would crush any soul.

    • Jack Kelly, I'm a lawyer
      Jack Kelly, I'm a lawyer

      @CJ Meyers Out of curiosity, if my username was Batman, with a picture of Batman, would you have said you feel bad for Gotham City?

    • CJ Meyers
      CJ Meyers

      @Jack Kelly, I'm a lawyer you need a reminder to @#$& yourself? I feel bad for your clients.

    • Jack Kelly, I'm a lawyer
      Jack Kelly, I'm a lawyer

      We all can! Thanks for the reminder, actually.

  • Kurstin Blue
    Kurstin Blue

    I love how honest and open he is about his acting career. Love him!

  • WorldMind


  • jbroti 004
    jbroti 004

    Idgaf what anyone says…I thought his Hellboy movie was awesome! Dare I say, better than Pearlman’s. (Before people blow a fuse, remember it’s just an opinion)

  • Jer Jibe
    Jer Jibe

    Let's celebrate another socialist-leaning actor.

    • Druuzil Tech & Games
      Druuzil Tech & Games

      If by celebrate, you mean mock, then yes.

  • Nikki

    My man 🤤

  • hugo petrus
    hugo petrus

    I love David Harbour. I'm still sorry his Hellboy was so executive-managed that they make it bomb.

  • Noel Thomas
    Noel Thomas

    This man will find his comeuppance 😤

  • America 1st
    America 1st

    What about your part as an insane liberal wanting to punch conservatives in the face? What a D-bag

  • Juju

    i did not realize how nice david harbours eyes are until right now

  • jc4jax

    Oh crap! was that Agatha in Revolutionary Road? She really did live thru all these ages

  • J Smith
    J Smith

    Hes commie skum. GQ are commies for supporting him.

  • Titus Bogba
    Titus Bogba

    He did a great job and great movie!! Congrats 🎊

  • cat

    i got lost in his eyes. he's so talenteddd

  • Jada Bailey
    Jada Bailey

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  • Sheila R
    Sheila R

    I loved your version of hellboy

  • droopyballbag

    Socialist scum bag

  • FTB

    It’s cool this one release on my bday

  • Matthew Finlayson
    Matthew Finlayson

    Was hoping he’d talk about A Walk Among the Tombstones.

  • Nice Dude Productions
    Nice Dude Productions

    Why didn't the editors just crop him in a little. Take out the headspace. I know I'm probably the only one that cares about this but still lol

  • C.H

    Isnt he the same guy who said" i dont think theres anyone who can deny socialism". Meanwhile ALL of Cuba is denouncing that.

  • Petter Tran
    Petter Tran

    The loutish calculator anatomically trace because hardhat neurochemically owe including a useless shirt. unbecoming, broken armenian

  • Vancouver British Columbia
    Vancouver British Columbia

    Hes really good in Revolutionary Road too

  • Pure Hyperbole
    Pure Hyperbole

    Does David Harbour have many iconic characters? Not yet.

  • Evans Fenom
    Evans Fenom

    Hellboy himself was the best part of the movie, the rest was just poorly glued together.

  • Belen G
    Belen G

    I feel like he's got such a great future in acting still, I love him so much

  • bby hols
    bby hols

    No idea he was in rev road, brokeback, james bond, war of the worlds

  • bby hols
    bby hols


  • bby hols
    bby hols

    Agatha and alexei, psylocke and mysterio

  • bby hols
    bby hols

    Oh wow he was in that film w leo and kate

  • bby hols
    bby hols

    I hate when editors make a movie bad. Like wtf the goldfinch looked incredible, so much praise for the trailer, people were excited and then it was messy

  • bby hols
    bby hols

    David was perfect for hellboy but i guess the writer sucked

  • bby hols
    bby hols

    Wb suicide squad lol

  • bby hols
    bby hols

    They all say theyre so protective of the kid cast and then something terrible has happened to millie. So heartbreaking

  • Drizz B
    Drizz B

    Definitely NOT Hellboy.

  • Owen Videos
    Owen Videos

    I dont care what anyone says he is is a dilf and an incredible actor

  • You're Dumb
    You're Dumb

    He is a moron that idolizes communism!

  • Conrad's Channel
    Conrad's Channel

    One of my favorite actors right now. Really insightful and perceptive guy who deserves every bit of success coming to him and more.

  • Hussien Alsafi
    Hussien Alsafi


  • The Bright
    The Bright

    great actor... but way too political and takes himself too seriously. (I'm giving the pre "Whatever" to those who disagree.)

  • Cecile Pham
    Cecile Pham

    I didn’t know his eyes were so blue😮

  • Eric Ham
    Eric Ham

    Indiana Jones. ‘Nuff said.


    He was great as Red Guardian wish the movie would have made him shine more

  • Tha Equalizer
    Tha Equalizer

    David Harbour would make a perfect Barry Burton in a live-action RESIDENT EVIL movie or show.

  • HarrisonTheEditor

    wow really didn't expect him to talk about his character in quantum!!! that was great to hear him talk about it

  • Robert Reichle
    Robert Reichle

    I'm so happy he talked about Gregg Beam, I just love that character. He's the slimiest, worst embodiment of the United States. He did so much with that tiny appearance that he stuck in my mind. An absolute master class in acting.

  • Sara Cook
    Sara Cook

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  • Suburban White Dad
    Suburban White Dad

    Future Pewdiepie

  • Michelle Leah
    Michelle Leah

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  • Jack Dubz
    Jack Dubz

    What is it with David Harbour and Russian prisons?

  • CrippleCrowx

    I like to think of him sitting on his own in his house filming himself reminiscing to himself about himself whilst watching and thinking about himself

  • Joshua Kruty
    Joshua Kruty

    I hate these things they never do the good films no black mass?

  • Josin Simon
    Josin Simon

    Was his eyes always this blue?? Or did I miss his eye colour all these years?

  • John Uhrig
    John Uhrig

    Definitely not the AirPods picking up his voice. Wish I was famous enough for Apple to pay me to wear one in my ear on camera

  • The Don
    The Don

    Killed it in black widow

  • Devin Harbert
    Devin Harbert

    David Harbour did a Great Job as Hellboy to Bad it Bombed

  • Jack Coleman
    Jack Coleman

    Not gonna lie I hope they make a Red Guardian spin off series on Disney + and they'd better give David Harbour everything he wants to do it.

  • Flying Squirrel FPV
    Flying Squirrel FPV

    Communist pos

  • Charmy

    David Harbour is a handsome ma, let’s be real

  • Nay R
    Nay R

    Hellboy is one of my favorite movie

  • captainmercy87

    He was perfect as Hellboy even though the movie was not good. His performance was not the problem and did the best he could with the material he was given.

  • Huda Nasir
    Huda Nasir

    The way he talked about how he was scared about the kid actors in stranger things growing up made me teary eyed cause he knows what Hollywood can do to child actors

  • Jak h
    Jak h

    He's definitely a theater actor. He wanted to speak Russian for Black Widow 😂🤣 sir it ain't that deep

    • Jemma Cloyd
      Jemma Cloyd

      In this case it actually makes sense lol, at least for the prison scene. Dude is a russian in a russian prison? Why Is he speaking English?

  • Xetrus Gaming
    Xetrus Gaming

    I´m a writer and if you have an actor that loves the character you create so much that he feels he can add/change things to the character, please let him do it. This is the kind of actors you want for your characters. Passionate and smart.

  • Justin Nicholson
    Justin Nicholson

    Would've loved to hear about black mass and equalizer

  • M.V. Shulman
    M.V. Shulman

    Yes I know you played hopper in stranger things and I love the TV show

  • Dead Man's Hand
    Dead Man's Hand

    He underestimates how good looking he actually is.

    • Anna L
      Anna L

      right?? he looks so handsome, it's sad that he doesn't realize it

    • michael pecukonis
      michael pecukonis

      This is so true

    • steven silver
      steven silver

      He’s got the rugged grown man thing going

  • FearIsKadd

    Give me a red guardian solo movie now please

  • Eddie Dabigx
    Eddie Dabigx

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  • MaxiMumSavageYT

    Hopper all day🔥

  • masterofallgoons

    No discussion of Black Mass? What're you doing GQ?

  • John Kest
    John Kest

    It’s the tolerant and loving “punch some people in the face” guy.

    • Jack Kelly, I'm a lawyer
      Jack Kelly, I'm a lawyer

      The ppl he'd like to punch sure aren't tolerant or loving.

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