Therapist Breaks Down Couples Fighting in Movies & TV, Part II | GQ

  • Joel J
    Joel J

    Yo this lady is absolutely incredible. A savant

  • regina harris
    regina harris

    I love your videos. Thank you so much. My past relationships resembled these along. I learned alot.

  • Fuzzy Wuzzy
    Fuzzy Wuzzy

    I feel sorry for her husband

  • Loreilai Lowe
    Loreilai Lowe

    She needs to make a FIshows channel.

  • nzebram

    Yay part two, love her

  • Y. R.
    Y. R.

    I need her to breakdown Shameless

  • Mikyle


  • Heart29000

    I wish I learned this in my early 20s

  • argentinianmami

    I could literally listen to her speak all day and just absorb all this information like a sponge omg ❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥 the brains on this woman!! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  • Marie Blade
    Marie Blade

    Can she do taming of the shrew next?

  • Dorothy

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  • SolitareLee

    Honestly it wasn't until I watched these videos that I realized HOW MUCH "good argument" techniques my best friend and I use, and how much that's why they're my best friend and my favorite person. I feel safe around them even when we fight because I know that even if it's scary and frustrating and upsetting in the moment, we're going to figure it out, and all of these techniques are things we were doing but didn't have names for! Knowing now that it's something people go to therapy to learn, I feel really proud of them for being able to do this stuff in the middle of a fight even tho we're both just still in our 20s.

  • Brett Wheeler
    Brett Wheeler

    F’ing preach girl

  • Diana Hsu
    Diana Hsu

    In the My Cousin Vinnie example, It's weird when a woman brings up her ticking biological clock that the reason is often diagnosed as social pressure. Maybe she just wants a biological child -- and it's not social pressure that decreases fertility as a woman gets older, until it's physically impossible to have a child unless an obscene amount of money is involved. A woman who feels strongly about having and raising biological children needs to prioritize that goal, and one important way to do so is to make sure that she finds a good partner who is not going to delay marriage until pregnancy becomes very difficult or impossible.

  • Pretty Princess
    Pretty Princess

    Me watching these when I'm single as a Pringle: WRITE THAT DOWN, WRITE THAT DOWN!

  • Mia Bible
    Mia Bible


  • Anna

    is it insane to say that i love these breakdowns so much because i’m emotionally inept and need emotions explained to me?

  • farah

    I love this lady! She's so smart!

  • Monica Sotelo
    Monica Sotelo

    I LOVE these videos with her

  • And then one day I became an EXO-L
    And then one day I became an EXO-L

    Me watching this as an adult, who never really was in a relationship 😂

  • SlacKerZ1 zzz
    SlacKerZ1 zzz

    I didn't expect her to be on Tony's side at all but she made alot of great points. They are both nuts though.

  • blia yang
    blia yang

    I would love to see her break down family fights and relationships

  • Ashley D
    Ashley D

    I could watch her analyze couples for days… so knowledgeable and easy to listen to! Thanks for bringing her back for part two!

  • Zach

    ugh I want to be a relationship therapist so bad

  • Miroslava Aguilar
    Miroslava Aguilar

    she needs to break down Malcolm & Marie

  • Elisha Schwartz
    Elisha Schwartz

    This lady is very articulate and great at explaining things. I enjoy listening to her analyses 👏🏼

  • Kusum

    her makeup is flawless

  • Renee Brutvan
    Renee Brutvan

    Ozark is Breaking Bad's fanboy's version.

  • Km 1995
    Km 1995

    She’s worth every penny

  • Julia

    Good grief, "calm down" is such an annoying phrase. If you did something to justifiably p1$$ed your significant other off, it's not their job to calm down to make you comfortable. You clear up the mess, then they'll calm down.

  • Giulia C.
    Giulia C.

    For people in a situationship I would just give one suggestion: set your boundaries and ensure that they are respected. If you are ok with sleeping [going on holidays together/meeting the family... Whatever it is] with someone that doesn't want to define your relationship this is fine, but if you don't just aknowledge it yourself and express to the other person. I think everyone has its own specific boundaries and they are all valid and legitimate

  • Victoria Marie
    Victoria Marie

    thank you, saved me thousands of dollars in couples therapy

  • David Lopes
    David Lopes

    we need MORE

  • Abaddon the Cat and Sevilla the Dog
    Abaddon the Cat and Sevilla the Dog

    I wish they continued the Schitt's Creek act a little longer to where David asks Partick to bring him food. I do that and always wondered if it was a healthy thing to do

  • Alejandro Sanchez
    Alejandro Sanchez

    Sopranos need their own episode

  • barbie girl
    barbie girl

    idc about the movie scenes i’m just here for her

  • Nada

    God she is amazing 💖

  • Nandi Santos
    Nandi Santos

    All thanks to Dr. Dolly for saving my relationship with his powerful spell. Contact him for any kind of spell via Dolly Oracle on FIshows.

  • loglady

    4:44. 4:59. 5:14. 6:05. 6:18

  • hipnhappenin

    It happened!!! We got a Part 2!!!! 🙌 EDIT: Really grateful you reviewed 500 Days

  • Bob Hamburger
    Bob Hamburger

    I need her as my mom

  • Mike Moran
    Mike Moran

    This woman has clearly never seen My Cousin Vinny. She is missing so much context.

  • Aliyah Green
    Aliyah Green

    My favorite! I love when you guys have her. She’s so good

  • UndefeatedGaul

    This should be called: crybaby feminist standing up for every woman being an idiot on film

  • tytyprada

    More of her!! Please and thank you.

  • Larry Sydnor
    Larry Sydnor

    Stay single fellas

  • jung lee
    jung lee

    The mute crawdad connoly post because grill empirically race beyond a pumped colon. cumbersome, yielding octave

  • Rose Kush
    Rose Kush

    yay loved her part 1

  • asia willis
    asia willis

    Yaaaay she's back ☺️

  • Gewgulkan Suhckitt
    Gewgulkan Suhckitt

    Everybody in the comments section just needs to calm down!

  • Elsa Rodrigues
    Elsa Rodrigues

    why didnt i see this sooner

  • veeVee bb
    veeVee bb

    Wish he would've considered couples therapy 😕 but he gave up too quickly.

  • Cammy Mc
    Cammy Mc

    She really needs to react to episodes of Dr. Phil, I will like her take on his ''therapy sessions''.

  • trblessed1020

    She is amazing!

  • Nagy Gréta
    Nagy Gréta

    This Lady has taught me more, than my school in the last 8 years

  • safia ahmed
    safia ahmed

    love her omg

  • Casy

    I straight up asked my boyfriend to be my boyfriend. I made sure everything was absolutely clear for both of us❤

  • Literacy Pirate
    Literacy Pirate

    My husband and I fight sometimes and Ive always thought arguments were healthy and was relieved to hear that most of how we argue is for the most part "okay". But while reflecting on how we argue I realize that I do a LOT of the "telling him how he feels" thing (which I will now be attempting to cease doing). I like these videos because they give me some guidelines on do's and dont's for talking things out with my partner. I would watch an entire series with Stephanie as the host.

    • MG P
      MG P

      Stephanie Yates-Anyabwile has her own channel :)

    • Michaela Dede
      Michaela Dede

      @Literacy Pirate Loool understood !

    • Literacy Pirate
      Literacy Pirate

      @Michaela Dede lol wow, what a terrible time for a typo. I meant now. Not “not”

    • Michaela Dede
      Michaela Dede

      Why would you not cease to tell your partner how they feel?

  • Crystal M
    Crystal M

    I've been waiting for this!! Thank you GQ

  • ProxUrAimz

    13:12 again, if u start complaining and ur partner rolls their eyes in response, they shouldn't be a couple, no therapist needed 🤦‍♀️

  • Kate Jackson
    Kate Jackson

    Tony and carm would never really divorce. They loved each other

  • Emma Ward
    Emma Ward

    She's my FAVORITE...part 3 for sure!!

  • I Be
    I Be

    ‘Everything I do is for this family’ Classic Michael

  • Aja Johnston
    Aja Johnston

    Please please please please please please please bring this woman back again and I would love to see a parent and child relationship episode but I would like a focused on specifics such as mother and daughter, father and daughter, son and mother, and son and father focused relationships explanations. For example why is it that some mothers in a way hate/become jealous of their daughters looks or achieving or whatever. What is the psychology behind that? And I would love that for all four of the categories listed above. That would be fantastic!

  • Babii Rae
    Babii Rae


  • Orcawhale

    Next up on GQ "Terrorist breaks down Terrorist attacks".

  • ProxUrAimz

    If you enjoy hurting your partner you should never be allowed to have relationships. Put on a list. Monitored. The whole shebang.

  • sds

    A lot of these fictional couples definitely have some type of personality disorder going on. We all know Tony Soprano is a sociopathic narcissist lol.

  • bvnson

    do an architect pls

  • Keegan Kupcakes
    Keegan Kupcakes

    If anyone wants more therapist reactions, check out Psychology in Seattle! Dr. Kirk Honda is the best!

  • brittany madera
    brittany madera


  • Gina

    Stephanie is an incredible therapist!

  • Nadia Lloyd-Lister
    Nadia Lloyd-Lister

    I love her hair so much.

  • Mads

    BRING HER BACKKKK!!!! This information is so vital for everyone, not just couples!

  • Rad Rose
    Rad Rose

    This woman is amazing. Please do a part 3!!!!

  • Kimberly Wilson
    Kimberly Wilson

    Easily one of my favorite of the "breakdowns." You are so clear in your explanations.

  • Gwenyth Ice
    Gwenyth Ice

    Yessss part 2! Note taking will commence

  • Amé Victoria
    Amé Victoria

    Imma count this as therapy

  • Adulations

    Please bring her back. She’s amazing!!

  • Lucy Sophia Fernandes
    Lucy Sophia Fernandes

    I want more of this, and I really want a 1 on 1 session with her.

  • Melissa Brito Nuñez
    Melissa Brito Nuñez

    I love her there should be a part 3

  • See world in colors Videos
    See world in colors Videos

    Her first 40 seconds basically tells everything why majority of arguments end up with breakups. So true Edit: GQ chose amazing movies for her to watch. We need all their videos that long!

  • Kimaya Fields
    Kimaya Fields


  • Brianna J
    Brianna J

    LOVE her breakdown videos!!!

  • saahib aalim zafir
    saahib aalim zafir

    Someone is or is going to be a good family therapist. These are things I would want my therapist to acknowledge. I like the situation ship breakdown. It could be useful for folks in arranged marriages. And this post help me to see that the Hollywood go to for plot development is The Argument. Hmmm.

  • Netta Beatty
    Netta Beatty

    When she taught about what we do in building relationships...omg she is on the money period

  • Gattwinkel Fatima-Zahra
    Gattwinkel Fatima-Zahra

    i lover her so much

  • Netta Beatty
    Netta Beatty

    I'm so happy she is she getting a weekly spot..I need her. She speaking knowledge!!!!!

  • edwardsama

    I know I'm in NZ, but can Stephanie please be my therapist.

  • Kira Hoffman
    Kira Hoffman

    Please make more parts!!! Stephanie is amazing! I'm interested in psychology, and she is fascinating to listen to

  • Jenna Watson
    Jenna Watson

    I love listening to her. She’s so impressive with her explanations/assessments.

  • Michael Owino
    Michael Owino


  • treacherous tea
    treacherous tea

    Our queen has returned to us

  • savannah_mar

    I love this woman!

  • Phae

    They brought her back and we thank them. Now do it again!! 😩👏🏾👏🏾 Steph Anya, MFT is her FIshows channel 🙌🏾

  • Katarina Dmitrieva
    Katarina Dmitrieva

    She is back 💘💘

  • TheMoises1213

    Everything she said was soo true dam it’s soo good. Keep getting her back!!!😩❤️

  • David Stone
    David Stone

    Many fear "titles" but, if it walks like a duck.....

  • Judy O
    Judy O

    this is a great therapist

  • Nevaeh Jackson
    Nevaeh Jackson

    Bring her back for child/parent arguments !!!

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