Jewelry Expert Critiques Lil Uzi Vert's Jewelry Collection | Fine Points | GQ

  • 3arth God Ultra
    3arth God Ultra

    So right away he isn't gonna acknowledge that the stone isn't 24 million so I'm out

  • alex sep
    alex sep

    Lil.girls are impressed

  • alex sep
    alex sep

    Lil girl convert style

  • alex sep
    alex sep

    Tranx look sicly every time he see a pic

  • alex sep
    alex sep

    Warner bros act man burros

  • alex sep
    alex sep

    He seriously a clown bro

  • alex sep
    alex sep

    Stop it he looks like s rich bum tell the truff man

  • Wei Wei
    Wei Wei

    oh my God i hate lil uzi so much 😂😂😂 but i love trax😓✨

  • Saitama


  • Nakul Parikh
    Nakul Parikh

    Lil Uzi vision

  • sabrina jesiotr
    sabrina jesiotr

    Love this guy

  • Cam TheManB
    Cam TheManB

    This guy sales holo jewelry

  • XD Trooper
    XD Trooper

    Now hes got 5 days to live 😔

  • МорганPlay

    real price 11 millions dollars

  • Nautikient21

    Sheff G - all my life beat??? 0:06

  • Hanoi Menace
    Hanoi Menace

    Trax goated I been following him since Uncut Gems

  • Mark D
    Mark D

    Does lil uzi make music? I have not heard a song by him since forever

    • FELIX *
      FELIX *

      Bro dropped 3 albums last year 😐

  • Todd Kobell
    Todd Kobell

    You lost me at "it's very mature". None of this is.

  • purity dhathd
    purity dhathd

    That was a piercing

  • imBadman

    You don’t need a surgeon for that. It’s called a dermal piercing. Most piercer do that kind of thing.


    isn’t this dude that got robbed by 69 ……😂😂😂

  • Jeremy Bañados
    Jeremy Bañados

    I love this guy! He's so into giving knowledge to everyone.

  • Dylan Nakamura
    Dylan Nakamura

    4:15 "He's a serious guy" Not even one second later: **pans to Uzi higher than a kite**

  • T City
    T City

    Looking like comedian

  • Marlon Fuller
    Marlon Fuller

    This guy is good for the business because most of this jewelry with the exception is a horrible investment other than the metal weight and his iced out Rolex is a complete waste of money, The resale value of it is less than the retail value.

  • Bighoodrich Izz
    Bighoodrich Izz

    When u buy your own planet you don’t even gotta flex Jewlery anymore 🤦🏽‍♂️

  • Hewhois willbe
    Hewhois willbe

    If your necklace is laying on top of another your broke. Build a piece that begins with The hardest choker then link the next piece necklace with links then keep linking pieces.

  • Jack Westman
    Jack Westman

    Spread the gospel,Amen

  • Resod Jackson
    Resod Jackson

    Music is so unsettling

  • DreamLander

    dude said the word "classic" more times than uzi has released a song

  • Ruben Leal
    Ruben Leal

    Hey bro check this out I got a diamond in the middle of my forehead 🤣

  • Mike Rotch
    Mike Rotch

    Here’s something to ponder. Of the owners of the diamond minds actually put into market all the diamonds they really have. It would drop the price of diamonds down to litteraly a dime a dozen. - rabbi finkelstein.

  • Shelby Brothers Ltd
    Shelby Brothers Ltd

    The way this guy is explaining how the diamond is stuck to his head is funny. its most likely just a microdermal piercing with a way too heavy piece of rock on it lmfao

  • El Nova
    El Nova

    All these dudes sold their souls to Shaitan, Iblis.

    • Leave Islam
      Leave Islam

      Muhammed and iblis were best friends.

  • Holland Johnson
    Holland Johnson

    Sauce walka🙌🏼🙌🏼

  • the gonz
    the gonz

    He is terrible

  • Oliver Dexx
    Oliver Dexx

    I love the fact Lil Uzi trolls everyone with this (not 24M) diamond

  • Toepac

    Robbers would have did what Thanos did to vision.

  • A N S I A
    A N S I A


  • Louis Noel
    Louis Noel

    As a Sixer fan, those iced out sixer ring looks 🔥

  • mailmanonfire

    Not interested in jewelry, but really entertaining to watch a well spoken craftsman talking about it, non the less

  • Kid Refugee
    Kid Refugee

    It's adorable how someone can bedazzle themselves with something that has no intrinsic value. Especially on their forehead. A reset button in a shape of a bottle cap would make more sense.

    • sol fa_j
      sol fa_j

      I feel like you don’t understand what intrinsic value means

  • SolTV

    Bust downs are for morons.

  • zIEx Pah
    zIEx Pah

    Im i the only one who thinks thag he tryna get uzi as a customer, seems like he knows what hes doing..still a smart n cool person tho

  • Mctoastyham

    25mil on his forehead his net worth aint even 20 lol shits fake

  • Carson Douglas
    Carson Douglas

    He is not a real jeweler, or he would know diamonds are a bad investment. His clientele are rappers and rappers are stupid.

  • Jordan The Pug
    Jordan The Pug

    Yo I don’t even know who this guy is but mannn them cyclops

  • R. B. Rozier
    R. B. Rozier

    When did this become the symbol for masculinity... Unintelligible "grown men" calling themselves lil/baby, wearing women's jeans and women's jewelry?

    • Florian Okwu
      Florian Okwu


  • Richard Stephens
    Richard Stephens

    The Pros you like the clown you are The Cons you look like the clown you are

  • Dulles Perez
    Dulles Perez

    This guy owns the diamonds n is not wearing none...this guy is smart...the people with real money dont need to do this

  • Dulles Perez
    Dulles Perez

    This rappers today wear jewlry like marilyn monroe n the Queen of England

  • J J
    J J

    Ssssoooo he have a price on his head.

  • Tae Money
    Tae Money

    I love the way he promotes his jewelry while talking about uzi’s jewelry like “here uzi is wearing a beautiful Cuban link with the diamonds set beautifully I sometime do this with my Cuban links”

  • Ro

    Lil uzi vert is only worth 16M and the stone cost 24m 🤔🤔🤔

  • houston TX streets 713
    houston TX streets 713

    did he just say very matchur 🤦🏻‍♂️😂😂

  • houston TX streets 713
    houston TX streets 713


  • Alex W
    Alex W

    That Sheff g background beat

  • bo bo
    bo bo

    "Atlanta or Southside."? Uzi's a Philly Bull, and he seems to be doing it the biggest.

  • Drew Breezy
    Drew Breezy

    Pro: you look like a moron Con: you look like a moron

  • Eduardo

    Amazing video

  • Ryan C
    Ryan C

    One of his chains cost more than my whole life 😶

  • adnan Shakur
    adnan Shakur

    If I see lil uzi vert I’ll steal him

  • Jay Rock
    Jay Rock

    Hope it's worth enough to pay the IRS and his future bankruptcy

  • Fba504

    This dude is really laughing at this dummy, but he wants these dumb rappers to keep blowing their money on dumb sh*t..OMG these dudes are so dumb, they don't know when somebody is making fun of them smmfh

  • CAfakmykak

    2:50 I totally agree. All these rappers wasting their money on huge chain with 1000's of small pointers. At least Uzi was smart enough to buy the pinks cause those keep their value, and are very rare compared to other diamond colors.

  • Sacala Bolcita
    Sacala Bolcita

    Some people are Black Panthers this guy with the pink panthers🤣


    I like this jeweler not a hater

  • Where Ya Mom At?
    Where Ya Mom At?

    Dude sounds like he would blow Uzi if he could be his jeweler 🤦🏿‍♂️

  • Jak h
    Jak h

    That pink stone was STUPID

  • Lewis Stand Alone
    Lewis Stand Alone

    I see a dummy who knows how to blow his money why is it that know other genre of music promotes blowing their money on jewelry and other dum items but rap trust me it's not a coincidence

  • TSK

    Little Uzi vert ? Wtf 😂

  • elyons83

    All red 🔴uzi look like kobe🟣🟡

  • J Man
    J Man

    Who is uzi bert

  • MrGshockj

    @gq keep em coming!!!!

  • Frantzy Sainvil
    Frantzy Sainvil

    Am I the only one that was singing “all my life” by shef G lmao

  • Victor Romano
    Victor Romano

    “They’re gonna say wow, whether they like to admit it or not” Yea they saying wow alright

  • Dally and Deen Gaming
    Dally and Deen Gaming

    Was I the only one waiting for liluzi

  • Mike Rix
    Mike Rix

    I remember a time when diamonds were a girl's best friend.....

  • Sandor Varga.
    Sandor Varga.

  • Marcello Polanco
    Marcello Polanco

    That wasn't worth 24 million


    this guy dont know what hes talking about with uzis head piece. it was like a piercing not set in to his head himself.

  • Heather Deep
    Heather Deep

    Waiting for uzi to make the Infinity gauntlet

  • Brad Silcox
    Brad Silcox

    Lol kinda sad there is a video of a guy judging another guys jewelry

  • Jacrispie Jackson
    Jacrispie Jackson

    Spending millions on little rocks is in no way shape or form smart…

  • Skrappy Varios
    Skrappy Varios

    Under cover 🤲🏻

  • Will U Smoke good bud
    Will U Smoke good bud

    Lil Uzi vert it's not smart. Lil Uzi vert pay millions of dollars for a rock. Only stupid people do stupid things.

  • Emilio Reed
    Emilio Reed

    What i see when i see people with diamonds is somebody with more money then sense id rather rock solid gold i wouldnt pollute my gold with worthless diamonds

  • Emilio Reed
    Emilio Reed

    Diamonds are worthless

  • East Side
    East Side

    he told the price for everything except the pink diamond......

  • ShawtyLuhMe_ 04
    ShawtyLuhMe_ 04

    Uzi literally has a price on his head, this dude is not safe.

  • DanburyConnecticut

    no one actually believes uzi paid 24M for a diamond right?

    • Boi I
      Boi I

      He said on Twitter that he was making payments on it for years and when he finally paid it off he put it in his head

  • Bobby Worley
    Bobby Worley

    Man i would steal that

  • sobiesky Jimenez
    sobiesky Jimenez

    How bout replace all those diamonds for ( MRE FOOD ) trust me oneday you might need ( MRE FOOD ) for emergency.. Like what if the world gets shuts down again , you'll have food that doesn't expire for 20 years plus.

  • Bambe Epik
    Bambe Epik

    Next video title: Kamikaze pilot breaks WWII video game.

  • W

    Let's be honest here. These jewleries are ugly as f.

    • Nate Andersen
      Nate Andersen


  • Ciej Mac
    Ciej Mac

    And he can break dance more then anything else lol uzi that dude but them grandma earrings 😂

    • Nate Andersen
      Nate Andersen

      Those pink diamond earrings are 900k but u cool bro

  • Aduke

    we love trax. GQ better keep him on the roster



  • Michael Sholtz
    Michael Sholtz

    The Queen bouta put a hitman on Uzi for his earrings lmao