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  • J T
    J T


  • Jay Pritchett
    Jay Pritchett

    *“Hi! I’m Johnny Knoxville! Welcome to Jackass!”* *The most iconic opening you’ll ever hear!!!* 😆

  • Dynastie D
    Dynastie D

    Now we need a Steve-o undercover

  • Bunny Bro
    Bunny Bro

    Man, I could've sworn Knoxville looked late 30s just last year. Fella suddenly looks his age now

  • Lxma

    les go poopies! good to see you thriving! yeah brah!

  • k w
    k w

    why is he wearing sunglasses?

  • Mack Dad
    Mack Dad

    Knoxville look like the villain on the original it movie who stared at the light to long,😆👍👍🤷🙅Battery acid 😆

  • Mack Dad
    Mack Dad

    Knoxville look like Ted Danson,😆👍👍🤷🙅

  • Brett Elliot
    Brett Elliot

    I don’t think GQ knows what ‘undercover’ means

  • #TeamAJ

    Bam crying coz he wasn't in the latest Jackass??? Well get clean stop destroying yourself and get back to getting high on life stop blaming everyone but yourself for your problems and failures. Hope you get clean and enjoy life given to us without alcohol or drugs hopefully see you in the next one.

  • Gabriel Brown
    Gabriel Brown

    They joined forces!? Why hasn't Nick Fury asked these guys to join the Avengers yet!?!?

  • I am Violator
    I am Violator

    Lol come down 🤣

  • The American Hiker 96
    The American Hiker 96

    This is the only movie in the last 10 years I’ve been super pumped about

  • Kevin Bond
    Kevin Bond

    I'm the best at trolling

  • jaun Din
    jaun Din

    I was in high school when jackass came out

  • Layla V
    Layla V

    Haha....signing off kids....I’m in my 30es

  • Critical Cookie
    Critical Cookie

    Man it really just dawned on me, look how old Knoxville is... Look how Gray our old friends have gotten. Lol Still out there being dumb but tough. 🖤🖤🖤🖤

  • Wikus Pretorius
    Wikus Pretorius

    Can you see anything on that laptop screen?

  • jms0313

    Losers Simps

  • Mk V2
    Mk V2

    Just hearing about the eyeball makes me physically twitch… eeugh…. 😵‍💫 Edit: you can really hear the effect of those concussions in his voice. He speaks slower than he used to, like he’s struggling to process the words. And Considering I live with someone with a brain injury another person who had a stroke,… yeah, let’s just say I recognize some of those speech patterns. those concussions really messed him up in the long run a lot more than I’m sure he’d like to admit

  • Tim Dahle
    Tim Dahle

    Crazy... I was like 12 and watching these guys. Now I am their age when they were doing these stunts and they've gotten old. Never realised how much they ment for my childhood before watching the trailer for jackass 4. Cant wait to see it

  • Josh Hernandez
    Josh Hernandez

    Johnny Knoxville now looks like Ethan Winters LMAO

  • Someone _louttit
    Someone _louttit

    plz do steveo next

  • Denver Hoskin
    Denver Hoskin

    Who’s here after watching the trailer for jackass forever

  • Eriksen 23
    Eriksen 23

    Such a legend…

  • Doggo Woofenbark
    Doggo Woofenbark

    Silver hair makes him look like a badass villain

  • joe wood
    joe wood

    I love that the crew has done so well. I really wish Bam was on jackass 4 , though.

  • TheModelOmega

    How nobody died while filming these movies is the real miracle!

  • Lalo Landa
    Lalo Landa

    "It felt like someone had hit you in the chest with a shovel. So there was no pain" That's Johnny Knoxville for you

  • Tommy Ortuno
    Tommy Ortuno

    Bring back bam

  • Dr.trip

    They need to hook up with superhuman.

  • Brice Cordova
    Brice Cordova


  • Kasper

    [Knoxville describe taking a shot with bulletproof vest on] "It's like getting hit in the chest with a shovel." Yyyyyeah, imma need you to take that around 3 or 4 analogies further before we find anything I can actually relate to. 😂

  • Kasper

    It took me a solid 8 minutes to figure out that his hair color wasn't some kind of stunt. That mahfugger's legitmately greying out! He's fifty! WTF!?!?! 😳

  • Joe a
    Joe a

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  • Ignacio Herbe
    Ignacio Herbe

    Brad Pitt chapter it's legendary

  • aboywithadream butendedindisaster
    aboywithadream butendedindisaster

    “Hello im Johnny Knoxville” “And welcome to Jackass” *reads the tittle* oh…. okay… 🥺😭💔

  • Yami Duki
    Yami Duki

    What about the dude who got eaten by a shark


    The fact they treated Bam the way they did makes me not a fan anymore.

  • Sweet Chilli
    Sweet Chilli

    I honestly figured Action Point would’ve done him in. Pleasantly surprised he’s still kicking.

  • Devin Sanchez
    Devin Sanchez

    If anything happens to him or steve-o bruh I stg I'd cry or kill my self cause bruh these guys are just idk there like family

  • Andrew Wolf
    Andrew Wolf

    wish he didn’t say there are stuntman on the set

  • O.T. Oss
    O.T. Oss

    Genuinely sad this will be the last Jackass.

  • Mr.Nimbus

    I don't think he's really typing that himself 🤔,lol

  • Laufield

    Jackass reality: funny Hollywood movies: boring and fake cgi

  • Ishaiah Smith
    Ishaiah Smith

    Good job on collabing with loiter squad

  • Matt W
    Matt W

    Ya know, if this movie made Knoxville's hair go completely grey it's gotta be a banger. That poopsie guy get bit by a shark in it

  • Rhyleigh Mackenzie
    Rhyleigh Mackenzie

    Give him a few years and he will be Irving Zisman

  • Anthony James
    Anthony James

    I like how Johnny describes getting shot in the chest is like being hit with a shovel.

  • CanPat306

    Poopies was the best new add by far! GTBWU

  • surfing nerd621
    surfing nerd621

    Wait why did they have stuntmen on the first film? Jackass needed stuntmen? Hollywood is so fake

  • The Carb
    The Carb

    Slowly looking more like bad grandpa

  • TheAssening

    johnny is my waifu

  • FTM Studios
    FTM Studios


  • Sarah Perry
    Sarah Perry

    Love johnny knoxville with his silver hair

  • Eric Hamrick
    Eric Hamrick

    No one cares about the injuries you inflicted soon yourself. Jackass was never creditable entertainment more like idiots letting idiots have a camera.

  • Matthew Simpson
    Matthew Simpson

    If you are an investor get on Babydoge coin. It will make us all rich.

  • Joe Veitch
    Joe Veitch

    Not enough they are stupid

  • Macyy -.-
    Macyy -.-

    This dude is an actual legend. How he is not dead is just one of the worlds greatest mysteries

  • Notorious War Criminal
    Notorious War Criminal

    Johnny looks alot like bobby in the new twin peaks session

  • Yourescum

    I would say Ryan Dunn had the most serious injury. I’ll show myself out.

  • MR Reality
    MR Reality

    He is 49

  • Sam Cavoulas
    Sam Cavoulas

    Where's Bam?

    • KING of CALI605
      KING of CALI605


  • autotuned duck
    autotuned duck

    duuuuude zach is gonna be in the new jackass? that's awesome man haha

  • Daniel Laurent
    Daniel Laurent

    "Things happen."....This guy is a legend!

  • Dan Gates
    Dan Gates

    He prolly gonna have CTE pretty bad, if he doesn't already.

    • Dan Gates
      Dan Gates

      @Lucas Camp Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy. Same thing that effects so many retired football players.

    • Lucas Camp
      Lucas Camp

      What’s that?

  • Eric Sabbides
    Eric Sabbides

    The ones that's dead

  • Lisa Romo
    Lisa Romo

    Still hot!!!

  • iwouldratherbehangingoutinborabora

    Why is Jamie Lee Curtis doing the video? Where's Knoxville?

    • Kombo Master
      Kombo Master

      @iwouldratherbehangingoutinborabora This made me laugh more than it should. I'm a fan of both actors so that's probably why.

    • iwouldratherbehangingoutinborabora

      @Kombo Master lmao is right

    • Kombo Master
      Kombo Master


  • Josh is a Jedi
    Josh is a Jedi

    Obviously he is blind now. That’s why he is wearing the sunglasses inside.

  • Classic World
    Classic World

    'I remember one time in Russia.' Let me stop you. I know this story is about to get dark. ;)

  • Classic World
    Classic World

    Why is, 'hit in the chest with a shovel' and 'there was no pain' in the same sentence? Only for Johnny does that equal no pain.

  • Dennis de Jong
    Dennis de Jong

    "The Johnny Knoxville" sounds like a cocktail that will guaranteed give you a concussion

  • akris lin
    akris lin

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  • Chickengenius420

    Poopies hand!!

  • Shadow Wolf Gaming
    Shadow Wolf Gaming

    Johnny is almost 50 let that sink in

  • Neil Miller
    Neil Miller

    Justice for Bam

  • Jonathan Richardson
    Jonathan Richardson

    GQ continues to not understand what "undercover" means.

  • Ryan Sullivan
    Ryan Sullivan

    8:02 aaaAAAAAHHHH

  • Guy Girard
    Guy Girard

    When you were playing bad grandpa was so 👌

  • Coljj

    Why does Johnny Knoxville sound like my 70 year old Gran?

  • Rtfon Da
    Rtfon Da

    10:45 no talent?? This guy can find 100 stunts with a 50% dieing rate, go for them, and live. Thats a one in a million.

  • Yan Santana
    Yan Santana

    I want to be on Jackass too! Love them! 🤩💙

  • Gami'n Gabe
    Gami'n Gabe

    This... isn't undercover... just sayin

  • Marjay Maxx
    Marjay Maxx

    I'm one of the few ppl who quite liked Action Point.

  • Jansen Art
    Jansen Art

    I could watch all the Jackass guys' war stories forever.

  • Patrick Garcia
    Patrick Garcia

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  • aendu berger
    aendu berger

    KNOXVILLE???????????????? LOOKS MORE LIKE ELLEN D. LOL............

  • K9 Revenge
    K9 Revenge

  • Wolf Messing
    Wolf Messing

    Maybe Jacksass had the most injuries!

  • Dylan

    I’m so glad Bam won’t be in the next movie, he was so cringe.

    • h0wLze

      What was wrong with Bam in the older Jackass movies?

  • Undergoddess

    all talks of jacka$$ but nothing correlating to nitro circus, hes also part of that crew.

  • Darius Dixon
    Darius Dixon

    “ It’s like getting hit with a shovel “ like we all know how that feels!!!

  • John Hancock
    John Hancock

    fifteen or sixteen concussions, smokes weed like it's going out of style, healthier than most of us. Go figure.

  • DBMikey G
    DBMikey G

    Jonny use hair dye bro that's what it's there for

  • Just Some Girl With a Cat Headset
    Just Some Girl With a Cat Headset

    If they made a back to the future remake I want him to play as Dr.Brown

  • Angel doll dolly
    Angel doll dolly

    Love the silver hair 🥰.

  • Nikki Richards
    Nikki Richards

    Too many melting snowflakes these days to allow them to do what they do for a movie... the story about his eye was kinda yucky.. proof ya dont stifle a sneeze, just let it blow out not in that energy has to go somewhere

  • Nuke9X

    What's the point of sitting with glasses in a room?