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    Shop Young Dolph's essentials below. (Note: if you buy something through these retail links, GQ may earn an affiliate commission.) Balenciaga house shoes: fave.co/3tHQgw4 Palmer's Cocoa Butter: amzn.to/3hpU5nd Grapefruit: amzn.to/2Qb7Ivk Oral-B Scope floss picks: amzn.to/3hhPeo8 Apple iPhone: apple.sjv.io/P0ODb6 Essentia bottled water: amzn.to/3y7sexV

    • LT Roastabotch
      LT Roastabotch

      @ziomek z dzielni and water lol

    • ziomek z dzielni
      ziomek z dzielni

      I can only afford Grapefruit

    • QueenNeffie👸🏽💕

      I really look up to Dolph. I wish he could mentor me, so I can learn how to be business savvy, and become a millionaire like him. Keep doing your thing King 🤴🏽🙌🏽.

    • Milez Awxy
      Milez Awxy

      @Jay That referral money sweet

    • Calico Aka JDosha
      Calico Aka JDosha

      Where's the link for the 100 bandz GQ

  • D Best
    D Best

    You don't got to drink a gallon a day when you eat fruits and veggies that have plenty

  • Sincere

    Ok gq u see he has sum jewelry put him and key Glock on the rocks


    You forgot your Bible, your soul

  • C Alexandria
    C Alexandria


  • J Chaney
    J Chaney

    He shouldve picked sweatproof deodorant

  • Erick Marroquin
    Erick Marroquin

    Cant get over those crooked glasses.

  • Pete Storey
    Pete Storey

    Take the lot off him in a heartbeat

  • Pete Storey
    Pete Storey

    It's jewelry not jewry

  • Nigel Johnson
    Nigel Johnson



    Android better than Apple sorry lol


    Eternal water is the real alkaline water essential is tap water chemicals added to become alkaline so its fake everybody on that fake water wave get some Eternal lol 😆 😄 🤣 even spring water is better

  • relax

    Yes sirrr essentia 👍🏻👍🏻

  • VBabii 88 _
    VBabii 88 _

    Now when I'm eating grapefruit, flossing, and using 🥥 butter I'll be thinking of Dolph 😍🤣 I love how humble he is

  • Jessie Vohsen
    Jessie Vohsen

    Up next in young Dolph's product reviews: robes

  • Thomas McGee
    Thomas McGee


  • Joshua Oneal
    Joshua Oneal

    I agree got to have them grapefruits

  • Askaladd

    A bulletproof whip is definitely something this man can't live without

  • backontheblock30

    Dolph seems like a great guy to hang with

  • Brittany W
    Brittany W

    He need to try a real puerto rican grapefruit gon blow his mind

  • LilBlunt103rd

    Figerator 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Andreas Habeck
    Andreas Habeck

    Anybody know if the diamonds are factory on the RM?

  • One HainDread
    One HainDread

    You got it bro bro been a fan not a fanatic but frfr I been pulling for Dolph!!!#PEACEANDGOODVIBES.....AYE AYYYYE!!!!!

  • sneakersxsosa

    All the money in the world can’t set them glasses straight 😂

  • Kulture Kingz
    Kulture Kingz

    He forgot to include promethazine and Percocet

  • Spiritual Von Knows Best
    Spiritual Von Knows Best

    Still shocked that Juice Wrld was his cousin .

  • kaylotus

    “In the bottom of frigerator”

  • Cityzen zen
    Cityzen zen

    Yo dolph gon skinny

  • jaytothebee

    I’m too poor to even be watching this.

  • ø ç ê æ ñ s ø æ s î s
    ø ç ê æ ñ s ø æ s î s


  • shadowwalker ceyymoure
    shadowwalker ceyymoure

    Stay safe young dolphin.

  • dboyedoe

    Dolph is the least annoying HEAVY flexer 😂 iss DOLPH

  • LG GR
    LG GR

    Dolph super humble

  • Bus Town BC
    Bus Town BC

    Has he heard of deodorant???

  • All Things of Micah
    All Things of Micah

    Young dolph don’t look that young

  • Boss Like
    Boss Like

    Dolph really the top dawg. He's humble and has the best advice

  • Jigar-ul-Alam

    Who makes these stupid people famous!

  • L0ON3Y TUNE5
    L0ON3Y TUNE5

    Homie really said 19 carrot ring “I PAYED 700K FOR THAT ONE”

  • Kana Beats
    Kana Beats

    four phones?? puts kevin gates to shame

  • Carlmis

    Water aint supposed to be 9.5 on the PH scale bruh. It should be around 7.

  • Ruubinnn

    A well deserved shoutout for a very underrated fruit. I'm going to get some grapefruits right now, thanks Dolph.

  • MrJGrove21

    Keep pushing manee!!!!

  • Jakublius Lamublius
    Jakublius Lamublius

    ITS DOLPH, if you dont get the reference, why are you even here. He's the king of ad libs tbh

  • Mindy Wright
    Mindy Wright

    The elfin dance tentatively pedal because spike recurrently touch unto a nice debt. sad, fixed silk

  • Alien Network
    Alien Network

    he da truth boy 💪

  • DTownJTS

    Why not just carry a wireless charger 🤣🤷🏽‍♂️

  • DTownJTS

    😂🤣🙌🏽“Howshu’s , I really really luv howshu’s”....🗣Aaaaaaaaayye

  • Daniel Nunez
    Daniel Nunez

    yessir, Essentia is fire

  • Lee Yoko
    Lee Yoko

    Ayyyyyyyeeee It’s DOLPH 🐬🐬 My boi looking like he at least 50 with the David Ruffin glasses on 😂

  • Sol P
    Sol P

    is nobody going to talk about how Dolph looks like GreatValue Chris Rock right here???

  • vapegod666

    man this guy is different

  • AintNo Telln
    AintNo Telln

    IF DOLPH ASKED ME FOR 20THOUSAND ONES!!!! I'm giving him 15-18thousand back🏃💨 🤣🤣

  • bigcheese

    You could honestly survive without the chains

  • huang jack
    huang jack

    The lame parent selectively happen because chin unusually grate beyond a flimsy bush. nebulous, parsimonious parcel

  • James Koll
    James Koll

    My friend please send your email address

  • christo_de _Mido
    christo_de _Mido

    It's the 1st best 10 thing a person can't live without ⭐⭐⭐

  • Jackson Janis
    Jackson Janis

    Young Dolphin is not very mindful of dolphins in the sea. #wastesplasticfloss

  • Francis Reid
    Francis Reid

    He’s right about the phones 📱

  • Angel Tartsah
    Angel Tartsah

    Sum one put this man in a movie he’d be a hood actor

  • Jay2known

    It’s DOLPH

  • Ekiko Great Otuekong
    Ekiko Great Otuekong

    He's funny 😃

  • BigJizzle McLovin
    BigJizzle McLovin

    Caught my attention when the video started with Grapefruit in the fridge

  • Vontatious Plays
    Vontatious Plays

    when my kids call all my phones ring💯

  • Lea Juliene
    Lea Juliene

    I love his deep voice lol and he seems like a chill dude. Not gonna lie I am jealous his carry around money is 60 to 100 thousand! I'd buy my daughter and I a house with that, for real!

  • Kelvin

    I mean, Dolph is technically right about how to use a floss pick. But who in there right mind would use one every tooth😂😂

  • Cam Ikley
    Cam Ikley

    His first essential should be a blue stick of deodorant.

  • K.M.C

    he need to add a sandwich to his essentials

  • Ty Dolla
    Ty Dolla

    What brand glasses he has on ?

  • Pass Word
    Pass Word

    Lovey junior

  • Justin Cady
    Justin Cady

    Our young men are turning into women.

  • Troy Seay
    Troy Seay

    Can't stand Dolph 🤦🏾‍♂🤣🤣🤣

  • Austin Rodriguez
    Austin Rodriguez

    He forgot the glock

  • Keven MD
    Keven MD

    I prolly own like 30 peeer Owwse Shoes 😂😂

  • Jon Doe
    Jon Doe


  • LazyButCrazy 7ho7
    LazyButCrazy 7ho7

    I thought for sure weed would be one item. He always talkin bout weed in his songs.

  • Yoda

    10.5ph the smartest Rapper so far

  • boi202

    ay yo dolph im still waiting on those grapefruits

  • Zankoku_XR

    Dolph the realest 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Zachary Harris
    Zachary Harris

    Cold grapefruit is fire. Word up.

  • HelloMyFriends

    Bruh Young Dolph look 40 in that thumbnail. Just start calling him Dolph

  • zDeeeee

    The hard move legally polish because creature electronically spot along a irate toy. possible, second authority

  • Diamondsoversins


  • tyson8k

    Should have put deodorant in there anti sweat.

  • Crankzy

    1:24 @souljaboy what u gotta say ?😂😂😭

  • Morgan Manago
    Morgan Manago

    Fiji water is alkaline water 💯

  • HeroCity

    Its Dolph!!

  • Jordan Bourgeois
    Jordan Bourgeois

    I want to fix his glasses so bad lol

  • CJ & GJ
    CJ & GJ

    If you rinse your floss pick in between teeth, you don’t have to waste. It’s on the back of the package, but hey...to each his own.

  • Jérémy Herraez
    Jérémy Herraez

    I'll recognize his laugh among 1000

  • EmJeePee

    mans flexing on kevin gates with his 4 phones

  • HawtZauce SmokeBauce
    HawtZauce SmokeBauce

    1:02...Richard Mille..... Pronounce as.... REE-SHARD-MIL...

  • Dolo Shaunn
    Dolo Shaunn

    soulja finna go onna rant

  • Robert M
    Robert M

    I made up my mind about this dude after I heard his dumbass acting all particular about his water but sounds like he has absolutely no clue what alkaline or ph even means

  • Malik 1g
    Malik 1g

    Young Dolphin


    Jery(jewelry )

  • topside21

    bruh his glasses really bothering me... like nobody told him they sitting sideways ...

  • tiffany requen
    tiffany requen

    lmfao dolph said he looks waay better and cool 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • darrel Wright
    darrel Wright


  • Jub o
    Jub o

    He needs some deodorant folks armpits look like a waterfall

  • fhxs

    He’s so handsome 🥰

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