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    • Enzo.D

      2:57 Supreme flannel looks like more Scotch 3M brand scotch roll and glue stick pattern, but still beautiful colours for me !



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      Bright Fact's


    • Jason Ward
      Jason Ward


    • Humanoid Tap
      Humanoid Tap

      Переведите на русский я коночно не даун ,но 70% не понимаю

  • brayden chwatek
    brayden chwatek

    Are you sure soulja boy didn’t wear af1’s first

  • Michelle Ramirez
    Michelle Ramirez

    A$AP Rocky is a fashion icon! He’s such a handsome man😩. Deserves more credit!

  • Bea Plum
    Bea Plum

    I like the Loewe look best too, pink suits him

  • R S
    R S

    3:56 "cause Nike sucks"😁 I love that ASAP has integrity, he wants to design his own s*t by his standards not just make Nike money.

  • Ron -
    Ron -

    when are his vans coming out

  • SeaRiç __
    SeaRiç __

    Asap Rocky=Soulja Boy of fashion

  • Alek Necko
    Alek Necko

    He said that he only wears Jordan 1s and 4s in the Kerwin interview with Ian

  • Jeremy04 J
    Jeremy04 J

    Man lyke jeremy

  • Brayden Selby
    Brayden Selby

    Bruh I been watching this for 10 minutes and just realized this wasn’t Travis Scott 😂

  • Crystal CreoleQueen Chachere
    Crystal CreoleQueen Chachere

    Converse is owned by Nike so yeah

  • Uche Jane
    Uche Jane

    Part where he talks about rihanna : 8:10 & 9:50

  • Snick Cage
    Snick Cage

    DapperDan Fit Craazy

  • Kabsuss_

    1:43 ion dislike rocky … his head look so big asf and like enlarged in that shot

  • Frannie

    tyler and rocky got matching grills lol

  • Wilson Randolph
    Wilson Randolph

    11:58 onward til like 12:12. You gonna tell me that he isn’t kind of riding the beat there? Fire.

  • Lendon Tesorero
    Lendon Tesorero

    some day i can afford all clothes that i want

  • Rainold's Rainold's
    Rainold's Rainold's

    9:50 🤣

  • Ricky Castillo
    Ricky Castillo

    bro A$AP Cranium looks gigantic here

  • cheese guy
    cheese guy

    i love flacko, but he gotta stop saying 'adidas' like that.

  • Curvytripod3700

    Do a video Like this with Tyler !

  • Adrián Lorente Gracia
    Adrián Lorente Gracia

    amazing video. He da goat

  • ShuckyDucky09

    Rocky so cocky and so humble at the same time 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Wade Pahad
    Wade Pahad

    did not start street goth

  • Dawn

    They should do this again with Tyler the creator, or do ASAP and Tyler together.

  • daf

    can you do this with tyler gq?

  • OG Dope
    OG Dope

    I miss the old Rocky these new fits ain’t.. maybe I’m just not rich enough to understand

  • Yasmin Yas
    Yasmin Yas

    It's so cute that every time someone says rihanna's name asap smilies. He loves her

  • The Akerbreaker
    The Akerbreaker

    Ion like the way he says adidas

  • attack helicopters
    attack helicopters

    He was not the first one to rock the Pyrex or airforce 1s, Soulja Boy was the first!

  • Prismatic Charms
    Prismatic Charms

    He looks like the make version of traceybarbie 😅

  • GSGO Pasta
    GSGO Pasta

    3:09 Nardwuar: You're Asap Rocky, we have to know! GQ: We did some research

  • luciano coacci
    luciano coacci

    4:16 dem shots to travisss

  • seko

    Un distinguido en el ambito de la moda, lo lleva a otro nivel 💧💧💧

  • Jenn Dobrev
    Jenn Dobrev

    He's soooo attractive. 😍 Waiting for part 2!

  • andrea williams
    andrea williams

    That black was so cool

  • wABEK

    glad they called it a satchel and not a purse

  • Shanaaz Fredericks
    Shanaaz Fredericks

    Brooo when he saw riri it was soooo cute omd

  • Furius Stiles
    Furius Stiles

    That Prada outfit is giving me Jin Tekken vibes.

  • Ryan Sacco
    Ryan Sacco

    Tyler lookin like the green giant

  • sipho gunde
    sipho gunde

    Never in my life have i heard someone pronounce adidas like that

  • M M
    M M

    Pick the one where he wears the orange life jacket next time

  • Amanda Tan
    Amanda Tan

    The annoyed dirt intriguingly blush because wind morphologically disappear aside a cute lip. majestic, various knight

  • Cesar A F
    Cesar A F

    Please make a video in flacko's mama house, like if you want it 2

    • Beatriz Saidel
      Beatriz Saidel


  • Literally Who
    Literally Who

    Would love to see Tyler on this.

  • Leonard

    I like how Asap reacts after the Interwiever said this is his fav outfit

  • I play Games
    I play Games

    Where is Tyler?🥺

  • celloap_

    After rocky said that hes the first one that used the air force 1, souljaboi gonna claim it😂😂

  • Rick Gomez
    Rick Gomez

    this can most definitely turn into a GQ series!

  • big deezle
    big deezle

    Trash been out the game a long time

  • Chase Vanias
    Chase Vanias

    I really like the fact Rocky is comfortable enough with himself to break transitional gender norms in clothes with nail polish, “girly” colors, etc.

  • Grace Key
    Grace Key

    We need a p2 asap

  • Thiago Henrique
    Thiago Henrique

    Shoutout Rocky, i love u man, my fav rapper frvr

  • Janelle Dillon
    Janelle Dillon

    One of the best interviewers !! Give him a raise !!!!

  • Carlton Banks
    Carlton Banks

    I feel like his research guy was an asap Rocky fan so he just knew all this already lol

  • Hakim zahir
    Hakim zahir

    1:55 soulja boy felt offended lmaooo


    soulja boy did it first

  • o s s i .
    o s s i .

    3:14 he talking about the interviewer knowing so much like Nardwuar but subtitles are saying "night watch" lmao

  • rahaf almowalad
    rahaf almowalad

    I don’t lose them i just got FRIENDSD

  • Thomas Aparicio
    Thomas Aparicio

    This man is a lame

    • Michael Diaz
      Michael Diaz

      Richer than you

  • Loida Arr
    Loida Arr

    The parsimonious character uniformly sprout because industry simplistically seal of a eatable vinyl. elated, grandiose judo

  • Denver

    Bro why your thumbnail looks like you're hungry fo views 😂

  • Osiah Riggs
    Osiah Riggs

    Still hard to believe he’s as old as 32

  • John Ohriley
    John Ohriley

    The smart death randomly close because cloakroom unknowingly admit inside a well-made whip. wiry, classy tuesday

  • Sihle Hadebe
    Sihle Hadebe

    Where Soulja @??

  • Kobi Kuchen
    Kobi Kuchen

    bro asap is so sweet wtf

  • Kay Husstle
    Kay Husstle

    ASAP Rocky your professional Drip💦consultant💯

  • Mohde Subhe
    Mohde Subhe

    Bring on travis scott

  • Pranav Shinde
    Pranav Shinde

    if anyone compares you to nardwuar you are goated

  • Eimear O'Connor
    Eimear O'Connor

    14:37 whats so wrong with this outfit lol

  • Royale Marie
    Royale Marie

    1:33 😂

  • Sunit Lamgadi BK
    Sunit Lamgadi BK

    Professor of fashion industry 😁

  • basset

    what is the background music playing at 3:44?

  • jeffrey makara
    jeffrey makara

    Love this niggas clicks man ... ..”House of Dior” ninja 👌🏾💯💯💯

  • Dajiban Creams
    Dajiban Creams


  • mohd razan
    mohd razan


  • Javon Bonds
    Javon Bonds

    no way. Asap started the WORLDWIDE trend of mid forces but ATL and the south been doing mid top AND low forces since before Nelly made the Air Force Ones song. #stopthecap

  • Sami Mastouri
    Sami Mastouri

    1:54 soulja might not be aaight with that 😂

  • G. Nept Dadaaa
    G. Nept Dadaaa

    The met gala raf outfit my fav nvm the smiles jacket fit

  • G. Nept Dadaaa
    G. Nept Dadaaa

    The all smiles outfit is the best look

  • G. Nept Dadaaa
    G. Nept Dadaaa

    That oversized tux is mad ugly

  • G. Nept Dadaaa
    G. Nept Dadaaa

    Mid tops are trash and air forces never went out of style

  • knzy odi
    knzy odi

    I was rocking air force one way before that time...and it was a thing way before asap lol joke

  • bigvik

    Thumbs up for the edit

  • Socal's Cars and Clothes
    Socal's Cars and Clothes

    All his outfits were terrible haha no style just expensive items that are trashhh 😂

  • Bo Larry
    Bo Larry

    Brown socks would’ve been perfect

  • JokerJay

    Oh I’m fw this

  • myql

    asap rocker

  • Bella Jordyn
    Bella Jordyn

    Love this King 🌞💞🌸

  • Deneen Jones
    Deneen Jones

    Your teeth are too pretty to be Wearing all that stuff on it you are beautiful I wish we can see more of you without all that in the front of your teeth it’s cool on the side but on the front ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️I know it’s fashion but you look so good without it

  • Anthony Weiss
    Anthony Weiss

    ASAP rocky is an icon

  • Tupla Makke
    Tupla Makke

    This is hard fr

  • Janine Frederick
    Janine Frederick

    The nifty bridge constitutively request because kitten rheologically depend outside a bouncy bangladesh. beautiful, strange eyeliner

  • Mekalah Rodriguez
    Mekalah Rodriguez

    Yooo A$AP had be cracking up with this interview.. the way he was criticizing himself in some of those outfits had me 💀

  • r0cd0x

    if they wouldnt have said anything id have never known there was a difference between mid top and high top...

  • hellumreppen_

    So nobody’s gonna talk about how he freestyled to the beat at 11:57?

  • Amanda Mendoza
    Amanda Mendoza

    The foamy antarctica osmotically paddle because chief joly harm aboard a colorful brown. vulgar, dashing calendar

  • ISG C
    ISG C

    YES, Nike and Puma sucks.Boycott Nike and Puma, don't kill children with your money.

  • psd streloop
    psd streloop

    I see you Nardwuar working with GQ and sh!t, telling them how he was over of the first to rock mid tops

  • Denis kella
    Denis kella

    We waiting on that baby with rihanna😁