Salma Hayek Breaks Down Her Most Iconic Characters | GQ

  • Leon

    bruh this woman is in her 50's... insane

  • Adri Versity
    Adri Versity

    Also loved her in “in the time of butterflies” . Phenomenal woman🌹🌹🌹🌹

  • Tigerlilly'sBookCorner

    I’m so happy she talked about dogma, I love that film so much

  • New Eyes
    New Eyes

    Honestly she did change lives when she made Frida. No one could have played her better.

  • luis colon
    luis colon

    The broken iron advisably appreciate because quince climatologically detect but a overjoyed fang. devilish, disgusted part

  • tubielu

    F-ing Harvey..

  • Rust Cohle
    Rust Cohle

    One of my first crushs ever.

  • Dorothy

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  • Good Cars
    Good Cars

    Salmas English is getting bad with the time, because I’m the movies she sounds good but in the interviews she sounds so out of structure and the Intonation of her words is so bad

  • under S7
    under S7

    Teresa wasn’t even included! Her career before Hollywood was always fantastic

  • Gillian Cole
    Gillian Cole

    This woman is so gorgeous and talented, i could literally listen to her read me the phonebook. I want to look that good at her age.

  • Lance Bridgeman
    Lance Bridgeman

    Hands down Hottest girl on the planet

  • Michael Johnson
    Michael Johnson


  • John I
    John I

    Unfortunately none is those movies is good enough to remember but Frida, and that’s just because the iconic character.

  • Linzee F
    Linzee F


  • mizuxsion

    she was so good in Dogma omg

  • RiRi 3500
    RiRi 3500

  • Luis Miguel Álvarez
    Luis Miguel Álvarez

    Salma makes us so PROUD! Te amo reina

  • Shin-Blade

    Salma is one of the few women that stay hot with age...

  • Magnolia Name
    Magnolia Name

    This should have been longer.

  • emilio1316

    The last minute rewrite explains why Once Upon A Time felt so disjointed. I was a huge fan of Desperado, and OUATIM was one of my most disappointing theater going experiences. Now I’ll wonder what the film was supposed to be. :/

  • Lila Petrovic
    Lila Petrovic

    Inspiring woman.

  • Lukas Driessen
    Lukas Driessen

    She is dressed like a flight attendant.

  • Alexita M
    Alexita M

    What about Fools Rush In? 😍

  • Renee

    She did it show she can withstand. I love this woman so much!!!! She WILL forever be my reason to continue on.

  • Gus Fonseca
    Gus Fonseca

    I like the movie of Frida way better than the shakespear in love movie which was boring

  • Stella Donna
    Stella Donna

    Salma should have won the Oscar for Frida. The line: "Give me back my f***in leg" is so iconic.

  • raissatvrs

    She speaks so candidly about being gaslighted into dancing with the snake, I'm triggered

    • kcred88

      That’s most of the industry men and women .

    • latrese calvert
      latrese calvert

      Well that was the Weinsteins production company. They gaslight women to do anything.

  • PaT Mc
    PaT Mc

    WOW Salma Hayek's face ... it doesn't look like Salma Hayek

  • A.J Wyatt
    A.J Wyatt

    This beitch dont age she really is a vampire

  • David Aarón Painter
    David Aarón Painter

    No le entiendo a su ingles...the movie with mattew perry is super cool , she shines in every role she is in!

  • FramesPerSecond

    People forget how much of a trailblazer she was for Latin American women in Hollywood!

  • Philly man
    Philly man

    So are we just gonna skip over *Wild Wild West*

  • Vanessa Jimenez
    Vanessa Jimenez

    Is there a way to get Jim Carrey to break down his careers?

  • Spicy Crunch
    Spicy Crunch

    salma is my first love in high school after watching desperado

  • Miguel Sánchez
    Miguel Sánchez

    When she said that Ryan was married to a really good friend of hers for a second I thought wait! Blake Lively? Omg!!

  • steve conn
    steve conn

    Ed Norton was a lucky man.

  • Rei Ayanami
    Rei Ayanami

    I love her but I wonder why she’s still keeping that accent up lol! So many Mexican actresses who are predominately in Mexican cinema speak English with less of an accent than she does and she’s always been predominately in English roles lol 😂

    • Deedeedollie

      It probably helps her with getting roles. Like sophia vergara, she had less of an accent before she became famous

  • Force Sensitive
    Force Sensitive

    The Goddess.😍

  • Al Sal
    Al Sal

    10:12 she deserved an Oscar 👏

  • Al Sal
    Al Sal

    Love her ❤️

  • Oscar P
    Oscar P

    She is DIVINA. She reminds me of my Tia Cecy.

  • jalabi99

    What Salma had to go through to get _Frida_ done was a lot but in the end it was all worth it. That's a great film.

  • Brandon Michel Gonzalez
    Brandon Michel Gonzalez

    I havent seen most of these movies and ima make a list now and binge them bc I absolutely love her😖

  • lordofentropy

    Sure she's only 13 inches tall, but ay caramba!

  • Hultay

    Salma is so amazing. I can't stop looking at her ... someone STOP ME.

  • Valentina Marroquin
    Valentina Marroquin

    Que le paso a su cara?

  • Belen G
    Belen G

    I look up to her so much I'm so glad she's latina, I love her sm❤️

  • Zach Garcia
    Zach Garcia

    She is 54 years old and is still hot! She is like a goddess that will never age!

  • meliavar

    Salma should write a book on doing Frida. It is one of my favourite films! ❤️🥰 It was such a struggle for her.

  • Gabriela Antonioli
    Gabriela Antonioli

    Frida is the gratest legacy of Selma Hayek

  • georgemonroe

    So happy to see her getting some of the long-overdue recognition she deserves. She's been such a trailblazing force in Hollywood for the right representation for Mexicans and Latinos in general, women empowerment, racism and she's actually pretty good at what she does, just take a look at Frida, Savages or Beatriz at Dinner... It's just that she has been neglected, overlooked or oversexualized by the big studios who thought a Mexican would never do it, but she did and she's working more than ever with huge movies coming up.

  • Lone Wolf
    Lone Wolf

    She was my teen crush 🥰 still is.. I love everything about her ❤️ She has aged like a fine wine

  • Vini Dubey
    Vini Dubey

    She's finally getting the recognition that she deserves. Im so happy for her

  • Erin Gomez
    Erin Gomez

    Viva Salma y Viva 🇲🇽

  • Mike 82
    Mike 82

    Savages is a good film shame she never mentioned it

  • Barbara Patiño
    Barbara Patiño


  • Anuja Kutumbe
    Anuja Kutumbe

    One of the most grounded person!

  • fernanda ramos
    fernanda ramos

    No one else could’ve done FRIDA besides her

  • Xav Floxy
    Xav Floxy


  • Ultimate Ultra Rayden
    Ultimate Ultra Rayden

    Dear God, she still looks magnificent, back in 1995 until today, at age 53... Mucho Gracias, Senorita!

  • Tye Nevarez
    Tye Nevarez

    I wish she would’ve discussed ‘Savages’, and even more so ‘Beatriz at Dinner’. Two of her best performances. Really looking forward to her in ‘House of Gucci’.

    • patr70

      @Tye Nevarez Frida was her best role and most acclaimed(critical and popular) movie. Savages was really popular whe it came out.. it's an Oliver Stone film. Beatriz at Dinner was really good but I wish it would have been longer. All the rest(besides Beatriz at Dinner)after Savages which was made in 2012 are forgettable bubble gum films. Bubble gum is so good but then quickly fades. The whole movie industry has really nosedived the last 3-4 years.. Animation, Sci-Fi, Cartoons, slap-stick comedy, and campy horror movies have replaced ACTUAL Films. The 1970s, 1980s, and 1990s were LOADED with good movies.

    • Tye Nevarez
      Tye Nevarez

      @patr70 And that’s fair enough, what she did early in her career was a huge thing for Mexican actors/actresses. But they could’ve spent a little time on those other roles too, like they did with some of the other actors they’ve had on here.

    • patr70

      The audience for these types of videos want the bubble gum fluff roles instead.. "Savages" and "Beatriz at Dinner" were the only decent movie she has been in the last 10 years.

  • Christian Vincent Literatus
    Christian Vincent Literatus

    I love Salma so much!!!!

  • whipped for nct
    whipped for nct

    I cried a bucket while watching Frida. Salma did a great performance 🛐

  • Ahmad Ali
    Ahmad Ali

    "Frida" is a beautiful film and it is really one of my favorite films. Salma Hayek is an icon!

  • Bronwyn Xuereb
    Bronwyn Xuereb

    Loved hearing all the stories - such a great talent 💕

  • Lucx L.
    Lucx L.

    Really impressed by her dedication to the Frida project.

  • Inasse Almechatt
    Inasse Almechatt

    the muse in dogma is her most iconic for sure

  • kylie in the country
    kylie in the country

    The length and hurdles she had to overcome not only to make Frida but also to have it in theatres wow. To think that they wanted it straight to TV, it's such an outstanding movie about an incredible woman and culture and to be played by the amazing force which is Salma 👏👏👏👏👏

  • John Nash
    John Nash

    Drop to your knees and worship her!

  • Laine T.
    Laine T.

    I love Salma Hayek. What an incredible actor and creator. I'm a little sad that they didn't cover her involvement in bringing Ugly Betty to the states, which was one of my favorite shows of all time.

  • M G
    M G

    Part 2 for grown ups?

  • Ernie

    Salma is not only gorgeous but smart and funny. She is one of the prides of Latin America. We love you, Salma!!!

    • Sam Fisher
      Sam Fisher

      Great actress. Liked her in Savages.

    • Thiago Favero
      Thiago Favero

      Latin America have so many talents to need hollywood endorsement

  • Psychokiller Gaming
    Psychokiller Gaming

    Her accent ❤️❤️❤️

  • Holz Last name
    Holz Last name

    Her in Frida was destiny.

  • Isabella Catherine
    Isabella Catherine

    I wish she would've talked about Fools Rush In!! One of my favorites :)

  • Sara Ismail
    Sara Ismail

    I love her so much 😍

  • k walker
    k walker

    salma hayek is such an underrated actress that rarely gets credit for her craft because of the way she has been oversexualized by the industry and that's makes me so angry

    • Jason Brown
      Jason Brown

      consider Frida the salve for your angry heart

  • Jesus Gonzalez
    Jesus Gonzalez

    "Afraid.. youll gush all over her.." His reaction to that is priceless! XD

  • zeroomens

    Wait, is Salma BFF's with Blake Lively?

  • joske103

    still hot asf

  • Tracey Lee
    Tracey Lee

    It makes me mad how sexualized she was so early in her career. I hope she turned down many roles where they tried to typecast her.

  • Rey Marnier
    Rey Marnier

    There's gonna be a part 2 to this right !?? RIGHT!!

  • marcus s
    marcus s

    I wish she won the oscar for Frida

  • MadHatter1337

    No Grown Ups? 🥺

  • Jazz Lyles
    Jazz Lyles


  • Michelle Salas
    Michelle Salas

    frida is the best picture ever made (for me at least), it represent our Mexican culture, the strength of a woman, its just so so so good. a mi mama y a mi nos encanta, la vemos por lo menos unas 3 veces al año jaja

  • Bollywood Over Hollywood
    Bollywood Over Hollywood

    Fact: I named my baby niece after Salma Hayek. Her name is Salma ❤️

  • Dd Hu
    Dd Hu

    Fools Rush In!!

  • MaineScare

    I love Salma. She has been amazing in all her projects! Such a great video here!!!! I could go on for days watching her talk!!!

  • sobiesky Jimenez
    sobiesky Jimenez


  • E C
    E C

    A webo!!! La Reina!!!

  • not chelsea
    not chelsea

    love her so much! my #jarocha queen ❤️

    • Eloy Toston
      Eloy Toston

      Jarochoooooooos ......A huuuueeeeevoooo

  • Kaitschi

    Saw her back in the Days in Desperado and thought, this is the most beautiful and sexiest Woman I've ever seen ... seeing her here - she still is 😍😍😍 nobody will ever beat the FDTD-Dance

  • Iván lopez
    Iván lopez

    I LOVE HER SO MUCH ❤️🇲🇽 but there's so many movies that they didn't talk about like lonely hearts, callejón de los milagros, tale of tales, Beatriz at dinner, the hummingbird proyect and more recent like the eternals and house of gucci.

  • Greg kelly
    Greg kelly

    I remember watching the snake scene in middle school. Changed my life lol

  • Jessi H
    Jessi H

    this is so sad that she was pushed into things she didnt wanted to do... like the people in power can make you do almost anything

  • proofbreal

    Cancelled (forever) Salma Hayek Infinite

  • Anthony D
    Anthony D

    Fun fact, Selma is also married to the richest man in the world lol

    • Noura Saad
      Noura Saad

      Its not the money that makes her husband rich 😉

    • jalabi99

      That's not true. She's married to François-Henri Pinault, who although very rich (worth US$57 billion), is only the 24th-richest man in the world. As of June 24, 2021, Jeff Bezos (US$199 billion), Elon Musk (US$186 billion), Bernard Arnault (US$174 billion), Bill Gates (US$145 billion), and Mark Zuckerberg (US$128 billion) are the five richest men in the world.

  • Garibaldi

    Iconic Salma