10 Things The Kid LAROI Can't Live Without | GQ

  • New Name
    New Name

    Laroi is literally the opposite of juice. Juice LOVED spending money

  • Ronnie Newman
    Ronnie Newman

    Family 🙏

  • CJchaz J
    CJchaz J

    He seems like such a genuine guy and hasn’t got caught up in all the bad things in the music industry at the moment. He hasn’t forgot about his family and makes that very clear in his music and interviews

  • Shodeka

    The chain was juices it’s on him in the go music vid

  • Ahmreen Taseel
    Ahmreen Taseel

    Vouch for Timtams cuz they are GOOOOD.....♡●♡

  • Dian Syafiqa
    Dian Syafiqa

    THE way he so humble and not like those other rappers who brag about their racks on them , just prove he came for the passion and he dont came for the fame

  • ZADE

    is he cute

  • Mr. Grant
    Mr. Grant

    Yo he got his teeth fixed

  • Magp1e0

    how much money is that chain and where can you get it?

  • TruTGN

    Whoever did his make up did a bad job

  • D.S.S

    NUmber 1 AUTOTUNE

  • Jack Schoolland
    Jack Schoolland

    Is he wearing makeup?

  • thekidlaroi

    The timtans 😁


    can you do piper rockelle tho

  • shindeiru

    dom toretto

  • Canul

    the last one not the corniest.the most respectable and nice example. i remember billie ellish also have finneas.cuz billie need finead for life.well this is good example for people. we I'll be dom.family is everything lmao😭

  • Prasenjit Das
    Prasenjit Das


  • Joe Martinez
    Joe Martinez


  • Edward Tayahua
    Edward Tayahua

    Buy buy buy. Get all the material things he has and you can be like him too. Are you depressed and need dopamine? Buy something. The more expensive it it the bigger the rush?

  • Axel Arrés
    Axel Arrés

    on the real thou, timtams are 🔥

  • till on yt ᄽ
    till on yt ᄽ

    the aussie/american accent is killing me but hearing sunnies fixed it up

  • Dom Toretto
    Dom Toretto

    Did somebody say family?

  • cole baumann
    cole baumann

    i hate this kid with a burnig passion that when i see his name or as little as hear his songs i want to go climb the empire state building and jump off so my ears can stop suffering

  • FuZ

    6:27 I heard a flow kinda

  • mary

    not me just now finding out he's australian lol.

  • Theo Fn
    Theo Fn

    My guy took a charger but not his phone

  • jackbearguy

    the kid laroi just made me put my phone on charge

  • Isiah Lockett
    Isiah Lockett

    If he's still relevant in 5 years he'll look back on this video and probably cringe. Assuming his style changes.

  • Chronic Steps
    Chronic Steps

    I love this guy

  • shyhil deo
    shyhil deo

    9:45 Did someone say family

  • imma eat your family
    imma eat your family

    I forgot he was Australian

  • Exxoki

    Literally love him, he’s so funny

  • Lux


  • Beth W
    Beth W

    bro why can’t i have 40k to drop on veneers they look gooood


    At first I thought that was Vinne hacker

  • 3A1D

    Pause and go to 3:04 Looks like he boutta pull out somethin

  • Mxtr1x

    Oh Timtams I love those lol

  • Inferno Phoenix75
    Inferno Phoenix75

    0:03 Direct insult all rappers...but he isn't lying

    • Inferno Phoenix75
      Inferno Phoenix75

      9:39 not corny at all, dunno why people hating

  • jimmy schneider
    jimmy schneider

    Audio book ain’t reading my dude

  • vtx

    at 2:07 it looks like he's a 50 year old mom lmao

  • Ol1ver 999
    Ol1ver 999


  • Ol1ver 999
    Ol1ver 999


  • S K
    S K

    omg i love his american + australian accent

  • Navarre

    What a pretentious person

  • Your Average Gamer
    Your Average Gamer

    Don approves his last essential

  • Sekai


  • hao gaming
    hao gaming

    he aussie

  • Sanjana Maharaj
    Sanjana Maharaj

    Who can ever get bored of THE KID LAROI????

  • Tricky

    Hes actualy a really cool guy

  • LOL

    Games games games

  • Olivier Fils-Aime
    Olivier Fils-Aime

    I here a British in his voice

  • Trukx

    The kid laroi: I dont like to spend my money in stupid ways also the kid laroi: waring a hella expensive chain and LV sunnys

    • Canul

      well its nice .like he bot buy it for collection.its nice on him and benefit his confident.so its a good deal.same with the chain.also he can afford it.so why not. its better than drugs and full closet of chain thats only use once.respect for laroi

    • Kekoa US
      Kekoa US

      That’s not that much tho, that’s like one song for him

    • sʜᴀʀɪɴɢ ɪs ᴅᴜᴍʙ
      sʜᴀʀɪɴɢ ɪs ᴅᴜᴍʙ


  • Fighter Lm
    Fighter Lm

    In ur dreams I

  • Antonial Poharama
    Antonial Poharama

    he seems like such a cool dude

  • Jace White
    Jace White

    Bro what’s is his psn name


    Someone pls count how many times he’s said F**K 🤣😂

  • CoolDog16

    How do people hate on this man! He’s just a guy living out his dream doing what he loves. Makes me feel a little more confident that I might be able to make it into the rap game

  • Alina Rucai
    Alina Rucai

    Think he forgot to mention his invisalign 😬🦷

  • Music Acc
    Music Acc

    He's so family oriented ughh😭😭❤️love himmm

  • Music Acc
    Music Acc

    Fucjsieke he's so fine ugh!

  • Aèvi Marco
    Aèvi Marco

    I swear. I could see more of myself in him. I love this guy. Big up for loving his family and callin it an essential cuz not a lot has that heart in the industry man.. Oh and timtams.. God tier snacc in the bacc pack. No cap.

  • Kashahnah Brooks
    Kashahnah Brooks

    I was not expecting this accent lol

  • N1tro Ace
    N1tro Ace

    If I were to get a dollar for the amount of times the kid laroi cursed in this I would be hella rich

  • Roman

    He is amazing

  • Mr Frank
    Mr Frank

    It’s been a month Laroi , better practice hard in 2k

  • Rolanda Hugo
    Rolanda Hugo

    This was so sweet

  • Jaye Samra
    Jaye Samra

    I love living in Australia. Tim Tams make all the difference...

  • SZN Demon
    SZN Demon

    Listen laroi, having family as an essential isn’t corny at all, if anything that’s the one thing that most people don’t acknowledge, I’m with you on the one

  • Class tilton
    Class tilton

    😂🤣😂🤣 could u be more aussie than being like "my tim tams are essential" 😂🤣

  • Remsxy

    3:58 deadass my freshman year of hs some kid sitting next to me sniffed the air and asked me if i was wearing the exact name of the deodorant i was wearing. 💀

  • Sam Scarlett
    Sam Scarlett

    Kid Laroi: I'm very frugal with my money Also Kid Laroi: buys hard copy of a book eventhough he doesn't read

  • Joey Perrone
    Joey Perrone

    This is just a better version of show and tell

  • boom shakalaka
    boom shakalaka

    I clicked because I thought the blue bottle was Amouage. It was a Chanel, of course, he is still very young.

  • Kaleigh Ingersoll
    Kaleigh Ingersoll

    We need Vinnie Hacker thank you

  • Krispy Nah
    Krispy Nah

    A BOOK!

  • AbootZ

    When he got out the timtam it unlocked so many memories. In the back of Marks & Spencer they used to sell them and everytime I went to the mall I had to buy them as a kid.

  • Vincenzo Terranova
    Vincenzo Terranova

    He should 1v1 bronny James in 2k

  • Corin

    Mid asf

  • Breezy 1x
    Breezy 1x

    Im very frugal Louie Vuitton shades diamond chain chanell bag

  • Emilia Connolly
    Emilia Connolly

    2005 vintage... am I that old 😭 2005 shouldn’t be vintage yet 😭😭😭

  • Jennifer Bandy
    Jennifer Bandy

    Tim Tams!!!! Yasss!!!! America needs these!! Tim Tam slams!!


    I’m american and Tim Tams have always been my favorite lmao

  • Olusanya foluso
    Olusanya foluso

    Swears so much I like it

  • Pranav

    As soon as I saw the Tim tams I was like the Aussie deep in him hasn’t left him kid at all! #nzrep 🇳🇿

  • Chey Rose Flammer
    Chey Rose Flammer

    Fully thought his accent was South African

  • Saul Bailon
    Saul Bailon

    Not interested

  • ItzDuckDude

    Why do I find it weird when someone’s says: “you smell good!”

    • Canul

      its weird if you wear nothing.its great when you put effort to smell great.i hope i get that compliment too lmao.

  • I dont Know
    I dont Know

    Hey my dad has the blue calone

  • KwizZ Rudzki
    KwizZ Rudzki


  • Tanvi Sachdeva
    Tanvi Sachdeva

    He looks so much like Justin Bieber

  • Izurdd Beats
    Izurdd Beats

    He sounds low key like juice world lol

  • Angel Is Cool
    Angel Is Cool

    The cologne looked like da glock😅 I was about to say * calm down Jamal don’t pull out the nine

  • Champion

    Wow, he’s a genuine guy. I love his music too!

  • Sike247

    Family is important tbh Most important essential in life

  • daddy lol
    daddy lol

    Dom Toretto approves of the last necessity

  • Cupcake Sunshine
    Cupcake Sunshine

    He’s has such a sweet and kind soul like he’s so cute I can’t 🥰🥰

  • Josh Adcock
    Josh Adcock

    I never new he had a a accent

  • Kabal

    This man pulled a fast and furious saying family

  • LuckyDubs

    everyone complaining about him losing his accent, like as if that's not what happens to anyone who lives overseas for a while? like you would lose it too smh

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He's Still Going
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He's Still Going
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