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  • I B
    I B

    This man is so talented and is always so chill and down to earth. I love it !

  • Henry Diaz
    Henry Diaz

    Its good to see you again Ross Lynch nice to know you're somewhere out there we miss Austin Moon

  • Melanie Ann Bumpus
    Melanie Ann Bumpus

    i love this man with my whole heart

  • Mohamed Saeed
    Mohamed Saeed

    Isn't he like the hottest male actor that ever been to Hollywood?!! 😍😜😄 "he has a face that looks like it was carved by angels"

  • Ira Ford
    Ira Ford


  • Elizabeth Sullivan
    Elizabeth Sullivan

    My daughter has been so obsessed with Ross since the early episodes of "Austin and Ally" that I know pretty much everything about him, and his entire family, actually. Their parents did an awesome job of raising them.

  • Sophia Medford
    Sophia Medford

    litterally the loml since age 5 💀

  • Jennifer Pohl-Johnston
    Jennifer Pohl-Johnston

    Really hoping he does more musicals because there are never enough good musicals. And he has such a gift!

  • Vanessa Santarossa
    Vanessa Santarossa

    Any Why Don’t We fans see him read out the @ for the Zach fan page???

  • holly

    the way his voice got lower when he was talking about his mom omg my heart

  • 独特 / YÒÓNEQ シ
    独特 / YÒÓNEQ シ

    Who misses Austin and Ally 👇

  • Dan Iel
    Dan Iel

    5:17 Ross: Read Books Me: No

  • Marian Botos
    Marian Botos

    🔥 🔥 🔥

  • Alyssa Stone
    Alyssa Stone

    He is legit so cute I wish he was mineee haha

  • Greatness Agwaze
    Greatness Agwaze

    PSA Jesus loves you

  • Kent Mccarter
    Kent Mccarter

    Your fans really love you Ross💕💞❤💜

  • emilia

    he’s sooooo austinnnnn😭😭😭😭

  • 10k._JAE

    “Your acting is unbelievable “ *pauses to say thank you* Gotta love this man🥰🥰

  • Daniel Bucher
    Daniel Bucher

    It should be against the law for any person to be this beautiful.

  • First Name Last Name
    First Name Last Name

    theres no way i can make it without ya...

  • J F
    J F

    Are most of his fans homosexuals?

  • natasha luchy
    natasha luchy

    The alluring beef undeniably terrify because pants evidently compare to a electric willow. succinct, poised girl

  • Money Jar
    Money Jar

    Oh I love song recommendations! Like any genre I do not care it could be Celtic pop songs! Recommend me some in the replies people!

    • Astha Gokhale
      Astha Gokhale

      dopamine by børns

  • Money Jar
    Money Jar

    Yeah I dig him

  • NewportDrive

    Ross Lynch is so Awesome!!!

  • Júlia Beatriz
    Júlia Beatriz


  • rachel.doremi

    Wait, isn’t he like basically engaged?

  • rachel.doremi

    “Disney was my high school: touring was my college” - yup yup… you heard that right

  • rachel.doremi

    6:15 - voice cracking at 25

  • rachel.doremi

    His first response “was flirting with Kiernan”… he’s adorable (edit. Lol, he is Chat Noir)

  • justt_Sidni

    He’s so adorable like his whole personality 🥺

  • 1tbsofjan

    was a fan back in the A&A days. do y’all remember when he had mop hair HAHAHAH but looks like he made a great comeback with his recent gigs and acting career. good for him! glad he has more recognition now

  • Viktor Horvat
    Viktor Horvat

    Ross is AMAZING actor and singer, he deserves more attention

  • JackEpsilon

    This dude is so awesome!!!!! he's my childhood!!!

  • alexandra


  • Raegon Arrington
    Raegon Arrington

    I have a chush on Ross Lynch when I watch Austin and ally

  • CocoBeanDreamz

    this dude hasnt aged

  • chris bellard
    chris bellard

    Hey it's Austin Moon, I hope he finally got his billion hits

  • sofia cubillos
    sofia cubillos

    i’m not even like a fan of him or anything but he’s so adorable :)

  • Darius m
    Darius m

    Austin and ally reboot??

  • Epiphany 🗽🌸
    Epiphany 🗽🌸

    I Will Always Luv Aus- I.m Ross Lynch ❤️🥺

  • Hadia Noor
    Hadia Noor

    Oh God his voice has changed sooooooooo much😲😲 Watching him is 😍😍

  • Violet Conlon
    Violet Conlon

    love him so much

  • PullMyFinger

    EVERYTHING about Ross is so f-ing smoking HOT!!! 🔥

  • star yu
    star yu

    1:27 2019?

  • Bella Hawley
    Bella Hawley

    i love u

  • larissa marçal
    larissa marçal

    Ross é tão adorável 😍💚💛

  • cillzah

    he’s so cool :)

  • Typical Gamer
    Typical Gamer

    Austin & Ally (2011)

    • Typical Gamer
      Typical Gamer

      July 6 2021

  • Tristan Guzman
    Tristan Guzman

    I want Ross to play the human torch

  • Yazmin Coronel 6to 3ra
    Yazmin Coronel 6to 3ra

    I'm glad that another girl asked the question about why in the credits of the teen beach movie songs they didn't put him instead of austin moon that question didn't let me sleep😂😂

  • good vibes all day
    good vibes all day

    Ross Lynch is SOOO underrated. Like how could you not like this guy? I hope to see him and all his siblings get the recognition they deserve

  • Julianne Go
    Julianne Go

    ross lynch reading out “ihornyross” is so funny

  • Tamzon Razon
    Tamzon Razon

    Thought he said jake paul thank god he didnt

  • Ximena Hernandez
    Ximena Hernandez

    The moment when he said would you date fan? Yeah my heart melted. He is such great man and perfect it doesn’t matter if he is not famous team Ross 4 ever

  • J

    2:14 So u saying it’s okay to be unprofessional on set??

  • TheMarionick

    He could use his regular name and I'd still don't know who he is

    • Deborah


  • iKatherinex1

    I thought it was Quicksilver on the thumbnail at first glance lool xD the iconic color combos and outfit

  • Krusty Nuggets
    Krusty Nuggets

    my first bf

  • Mari

    yas Rossss

  • Yuli Portillo
    Yuli Portillo

    Se great to see he likes Parcels!!! Search just Parcels, without the "the". You might like it, guys. They are amazing :)

  • Adela Charles
    Adela Charles

    My favorite actor no cap!

  • Oj

    I feel like Ross lynch would play a great joker he has a crazy side as a actor and could shine in really anything.

  • Lindajoy

    Ross is so cute lol

  • Ana Carolina
    Ana Carolina

    his smile is so beautiful

  • Rip Yah
    Rip Yah

    Ross looks the exact same, as he did in 2013

  • barbstheworld

    hi austin

  • Justin Baylon
    Justin Baylon

    Ross lynch: " You can't fake chemistry " So the chemistry Ross and Laura had on the Austin and Ally was also real chemistry! I love it!!!

  • brujilda uwu
    brujilda uwu

    man I loved this interview, I want more hahaha

  • Caitlin Benson
    Caitlin Benson

    I know Ross has already said years ago that he would date a fan 😂

  • Caitlin Benson
    Caitlin Benson

    I’ve been following him and his family since 2014. The whole family doesn’t get enough recognition for being some of the best role models for the younger generation.

  • pony.and.johnny.forever

    wow it's been a while

  • MermaidGal98

    I REALLY hope Ross starts acting again soon. I was 13 when "Austin & Ally" first came out and I immediately fell in love w/ him. When he played Jeffrey Dahmer, he scared the fudge out of me but I was so proud of him for breaking out of his Disney persona to play someone so dark. "Chilling Adventures of Sabrina" wasn't my cup of tea, Ross was great but I stopped watching after two episodes. Anyway, I hope they give this man more roles in the near future❤️❤️❤️😍😍😍🤞🏻🎥📺

  • Gladys Love
    Gladys Love

    idk why him saying he’s unemployed was so hilarious to me

  • Robsessed😬❤️

    Call Robert Pattinson please!!

  • israeluzi

    remember them Austin and Ally days💕

  • HelloIts RandomJake
    HelloIts RandomJake

    I'd love to see Elizabeth Olsen going undercover next.

  • Arman

    He had such a great answer to the question about dating a fan

  • Honeydew

    I added a bunch of the driver era songs to my Spotify playlist and then it recommended me songs like that and a bunch of R5 songs came up. It’s just ironic to me that he likes music kinda like the music he made 😂.

  • Ana Clara Figueroa Carpena
    Ana Clara Figueroa Carpena

    omg i can't love you more

  • Roman Fritz
    Roman Fritz

    jai paul

  • Z moose
    Z moose

    Man I really forgot about him

  • little hatter
    little hatter

    My first crush

  • Haley Lafferty
    Haley Lafferty

    Ooh finally!

  • Gebbo

    Hey, it's Austin

  • Prisha Chandra
    Prisha Chandra

    hes so boring bru

  • riti


  • Puggi wuai
    Puggi wuai

    How adorable Ross that's why my channel makes edits of ross

  • Gilliane Balingit
    Gilliane Balingit

    i LOVhim

  • Treasure Capers
    Treasure Capers

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  • Valerie Chung
    Valerie Chung

    I've been a fan since 2010 & it's crazy how much he's grown!

    • Puggi wuai
      Puggi wuai

      Same as me since Austin and Ally They started and that's why I know about the fabulous R5 band

  • kenzie 1686
    kenzie 1686

    Awh I hope he goes so far ❤️ he deserves so much. He’s such a kind and genuine person

  • Abraham Madrid
    Abraham Madrid

    Is it just me thats happy someone asked about his relationship with A&A and Teen beach movie cast lol...

  • Indie Imani
    Indie Imani

    idk why I think he would play adrien in a live action of miraculous-

  • RedWolfMain

    Omg!! I didn't even know I got a response that is so sick! Time : 3.03 chloe Eltham that's me omg that's so awesome.

  • a2trappy

    acc in love w this man jeez

  • Music Lover
    Music Lover

    I can't believe their wasn't a single question about an R5 reunion.

  • an

    He is physically cute and I think his personality is really cute.

  • Noa Deseda
    Noa Deseda


  • WhoisLule? *ૢ✧ ཻུ۪۪
    WhoisLule? *ૢ✧ ཻུ۪۪

    He seems like a really nice guy