Jewelry Expert Critiques Migos' Jewelry Collection | Fine Points | GQ

  • M M B
    M M B

    funny how all the jewelry will get back to the jeweler before these guys hit 30 .. these morons will never learn

  • Dano Opnião De Merd@!
    Dano Opnião De Merd@!

    Paga o felp 22 okkkkk

  • G C
    G C

    U should of had nico Leonard do it woulda at always been funny and honest about them not just tryina make a sale this is a guy who will tell you icing some thing out will make it worth more

  • Decadent Blue
    Decadent Blue

    The picture pendant was done in the 90s …

  • Demonstrator 21
    Demonstrator 21

    Invest your money into something that will APPRECIATE in value! It's a known fact that the value of diamonds goes down not up.

  • Ayetee8

    Quavo CHILL with that migos chain

  • james niño Olegario
    james niño Olegario

    Thats a smart move by not icing out that AP. 03:43

  • Chophouse On da track
    Chophouse On da track

    Should have been named trax NYC Critiques icebox and elliantes jewelry because that’s whose made all these pieces that trax is talking about LMFAO

  • Mthokozisi Brandon
    Mthokozisi Brandon

    I need the red necklace u rocking mate

  • robert got skill
    robert got skill

    Cable isn’t free

  • Liam Klein
    Liam Klein

    How do these guys not just get murdered when they leave a Basketball game or something. Someone runs quavos car off the road and they get $4,000,000 in jewels

  • Fyb Drilltime
    Fyb Drilltime

    It don’t add up jewelry especially diamonds flooded is a rip off

  • Philly Phly
    Philly Phly

    If u look close the Crash Bandicoot piece has baguette grills

  • Skortchy Redd
    Skortchy Redd

    Do Gucci

  • XTRA

    Crazy how much money they waste on jewelry and take a Rolex or high end watch fill it with diamonds and unless another person who wants that gets it it loses it value

  • GH Sense
    GH Sense

    Did he say he a 90s baby? The dude not older than 25, no way he even could recollect the 90s

  • Angelo Bovara
    Angelo Bovara

    Migos? Never heard of him.

  • darlene heyward
    darlene heyward

    Stupid wasting so much money on jewelry

  • tyrone burrows
    tyrone burrows

    What’s the ROI on that stuff?

  • G Unit
    G Unit

    Who cares

  • Carson Douglas
    Carson Douglas

    He overlooked the Cartier Panthere ring. It's very expensive.

  • Mike G420
    Mike G420

    I CANNOT with this commentator. Cringe


    Migos are the kings of jewelry in the game right now

  • NY NY
    NY NY

    Alot of small diamonds tho..u don't really teach people about jewelry u just worship alot of small diamonds bruh..u don't speak of the care and downside of investing in small diamonds

  • Weed Child
    Weed Child

    GQ this guy is a cheat got caught with manufacturing diamond

  • Tre

    Schmigo gang was a waveeeeee schmigo money never stop !

  • Demetrius Cook
    Demetrius Cook

    I love jewelry but don’t be fooled y’all. Dude hyping up they diamonds but hey ain’t got no diamonds on. Kinda like he wants us to think we need jewelry to make it🤔

  • Varelity

    Surely in an intro to a music vid they gotta edit this guy saying the prices and diamonds


    Hey GQ, I would LOVE to see a jeweler review the QUEEN of RAP Nicki Minaj's jewelry, her money is VERY LONG💗🦄👑

    • Eve jocelyne
      Eve jocelyne

      RIGHT!! 👏🏾👏🏾

  • WassupAlaniO & Ruben
    WassupAlaniO & Ruben

    Am I too high or is dis guy movin in his chair???

  • David Knep
    David Knep

    This is not an investment lol

  • Eazy Bundlez
    Eazy Bundlez

    Straight shifted on offset lmaooo 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Micro1

    diamonds are trash!

  • Pasadena Virgo
    Pasadena Virgo

    This the same jeweler 69 owe money to

  • Chad Hendricks
    Chad Hendricks

    Why are men so feminine these days

  • Jarvis Jones
    Jarvis Jones

    These dudes are clowns all this money they spend on this jewelry they could have been buying land and building apartment buildings, condos, and stores so there be able to have some residual income once their music career Fizzles out like it's doing now and they're having issues with the record label.

  • king blueprint
    king blueprint

    He broke everything down like a college professor

  • DMac740

    I'm say this shout out to them for making it but no matter how rich I was wouldn't go that far looks silly.

  • Its Dyl
    Its Dyl

    More trax please we love this guy



  • Willie Desmond
    Willie Desmond

    Too much jewelry looks stupid a few pieces looks better a nice chain and watch and 1 or 2 rings is enough looks better than being like b a .

  • slap bl4ck0ut
    slap bl4ck0ut

    Riff raff started the pieces on pieces trend.

  • IssTrip

    That space setup Takeoff put together is crazy 🔥🔥🔥


    All I see is a clown 🤡 Who will be broke soon

  • Ciloverse

    Dont get tricked into buying shiny rocks buy land and conquer

  • Mark Miranda
    Mark Miranda

    What's the red again he's wearing

  • Lil Henney
    Lil Henney

  • Hooray

    Why buy all of these chains when they could invest in real estate

    • Geneisis Tha VanMan
      Geneisis Tha VanMan

      How you know they havent🤔

  • tsunami papi
    tsunami papi

    this guy is a W fr bruh . I fw him

  • NTSU Digital Media
    NTSU Digital Media

    Trax ON GQ 😁😁

  • Nico Shawty
    Nico Shawty

    Shy glizzy was the first rapper wit the emerald grill tho

  • Don Karrloz1983
    Don Karrloz1983

    This guy its one of the best jewelry guy in diamond district

  • Andrew White
    Andrew White

    The festive nose operationally consider because swamp anatomically bounce times a exultant shoemaker. succinct, subsequent semicolon

  • James St.Patrick
    James St.Patrick

    Kids ask yourself if they like jewelry this much to spend millions on it, why not own there own company and sell quality jewelry to the people in the jewelry culture and make it cheaper to make your own pieces

  • Loyal Kin
    Loyal Kin

    They keep putting the dollar sign in the wrong spot and it’s killing me

  • marcus bergdahl
    marcus bergdahl

    This the guy who gave 69 a chain in trade for a post, then crying on insta he stole it lol

  • Switch Lead Kick
    Switch Lead Kick

    Uncut Gems was a great movie.

  • king Tony
    king Tony

    Master P popularized the diamonds in the glasses

  • DezDreamz777

    Takeoff gave that to quavo for the album release

  • Alexander Andazola
    Alexander Andazola

    Yes it is too loud

  • TenAndJu

    takeoff is taking off like 'ELON MUSK'

  • Gabriel Mendez
    Gabriel Mendez

    Quavo grill is Emerald cut

  • TheGatsbyNupe

    Takeoff bought that amigos chain for Quavo as a gift

  • Margaret Matabane
    Margaret Matabane

    I see my entire life saving on them chains 😭

    • i'm comedy
      i'm comedy

      That's pretty impressive, you have millions in savings?

  • Sudath de Groot
    Sudath de Groot

    waste off money

  • Shuby Duby Pro Blackness
    Shuby Duby Pro Blackness

    Pure gold is the way to go it will never lose value

  • Vengazi

    I could hear maksud talk all day, luv u trax

  • JDEZ 3108
    JDEZ 3108

    They never spent money with trax

  • Jeremy Crawford
    Jeremy Crawford

    I wouldn’t want to look like anyone, I would rather be the puppet master. The almighty one.

  • Adrian Sandoval
    Adrian Sandoval

    Are they gone already

  • Aj Espinoza
    Aj Espinoza

    That zoom in on 7:25

  • Allan Ballan
    Allan Ballan

    Just noticed that this guy was in the adam sandler movie about jewelry

  • Mike M
    Mike M

    Baguettes ain’t nothing new. In Texas we had that late 90s early 2000s. Facts!!

  • Alex Kushnar
    Alex Kushnar


  • TorpedofactoryMacc TM
    TorpedofactoryMacc TM


  • saved.hayden

    Illuminate eye???

  • Nick Eklund
    Nick Eklund

    Isn't this the dude sixnine robbed!?!?!?!? Lol foh

  • simon petersen
    simon petersen

    We still need Takeoff on the rocks tbh

  • Leshen Munian
    Leshen Munian

    React to ksi beerus chain

  • SilencedViewer

    Notice how he doesn’t diss any of the jewelers.. gives credit to all the pieces that nicely built

  • commentingaccount122

    meek mill started the picture pendant with lil snupe, I like this guy

  • Jacob Ralls
    Jacob Ralls

    This guy annoys me , last person i wanna hear talk about anything

  • Kendrick Shuford
    Kendrick Shuford

    This jeweler has had the biggest come up

  • shem liverpool
    shem liverpool

    Meek is the greatest


    Give Me Some

  • club 08 studio
    club 08 studio

    13:49 kinda funny though 😅😅🤣🤣

  • Daniel Gonzalez
    Daniel Gonzalez

    Ayyyyeeee shouts out trax

  • Steven Lee
    Steven Lee

    Diamond gingerbread house 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Nehemiah Mcdonald
    Nehemiah Mcdonald

    I wish Eliantte would do these for GQ instead most of this is his jewelery they are showing. He'd be able to go more indepth about the pieces.

  • Carlos Daniel Loredo
    Carlos Daniel Loredo

    This dude makes me angry cuz he swears that they can do better than Elliot or Johnny Dang or Ice box but I ain’t hear no one go to Trax for chains or rinfs

  • KWay010

    I really just listened to somebody tell me I was broke for 15 min at 3:46 am..........

  • Taylor Step
    Taylor Step

    Tyler the creator jewelry is better than all these dudes combined.

  • Mapalo telles
    Mapalo telles

    Big drip

  • Deonte Givens
    Deonte Givens

    Dave east started brought bacc the picture pendant come on now

  • Nelson Rudzani
    Nelson Rudzani

    How many times did he say thousand🥶🥶

  • Lil Pete
    Lil Pete

    TRAX is none for selling fake jewelry

  • The RevoLucien
    The RevoLucien

    emerald grill*

  • James Christopher
    James Christopher

    Systemic racism… smh

    • P S
      P S


  • Fabien Woodley
    Fabien Woodley

    Keep trax on this he does a good job

  • MrM MrM
    MrM MrM