10 Things Lil Yachty Can't Live Without | GQ

  • Kevin Mann
    Kevin Mann

    Dude needs fruits and vegetables

  • T'challa Ware
    T'challa Ware

    Lil Yachty is funny and chill asf

  • jacobisbadlol

    How did I not know about this collab album with lil tecca

  • Will

    Don't think I've ever listened to a Yachty album in full (not a dig--just haven't felt compelled to) but I'll watch like every interview he does.

  • Alexander Fuller
    Alexander Fuller

    Yachty you hoodie inside out bro

  • Will

    Pretty abrupt transition at 4:19

  • Moe Moosa
    Moe Moosa

    Guys he’s a battyman

  • Fit Machoman
    Fit Machoman

    I used to hate (jealous of) Lil Lachty in my mid 20s, but now at 30 I respect him. He did his thing while everyone hated him. Loving and hating him got him rich. Now he is a beast and has matured tremendously. He has life figured out. He was in the right place and the right time and was a genius.

  • John Rikhotso
    John Rikhotso

    Bruh ain't letting go on grandpa boat with young btchs 🤣🤣

  • zachary sneider
    zachary sneider

    Boat needs to take up acting

  • jay

    That dude in the background sounds like a cop

  • Nolan Buckner
    Nolan Buckner

    Lil boat

  • Christian Romano
    Christian Romano

    Man casually says he has 3 houses

  • 70-02

    Bruh yachty I mess wit u my guy. But ummm pizza everyday for 18 yrs is not the life grandpa boat needs.

  • Marsh- AlMine
    Marsh- AlMine

    Lil Yachty, a lil chubby lol

  • Barack Obama
    Barack Obama

    Mans said “I don’t wanna eat soda cuz then I might die and I won’t be able to live my dream of grandpa boat” 😂

  • Alberto Gutierrez
    Alberto Gutierrez

    "I'm tryin to eat healthy" Has pizza's and thin mints for his essentials

  • Bodega OldHead
    Bodega OldHead

    Not hating yachty but he ain’t miss no pizza at all

  • Quinn Sellek
    Quinn Sellek

    “What we not gonna do is talk sh*t about the competitors” That had me dead 😂

  • Goat GOAT
    Goat GOAT

    thats not lil yachty thats big yachty

  • Cod mobile Cod mobile
    Cod mobile Cod mobile

    6:58 that's a ghost sound

  • Novice Magazine
    Novice Magazine

    You watch the snippet on your homepage and it counts it as a view

  • Suhshie

    Bro Red Baron pizza is better than store pizza I swear it comes out so perfectly


    Eternal water is just as good

  • Glocky Escobar
    Glocky Escobar

    That boa big asl

  • NoFace❌Hollow™

    Bro why yachty voice so relaxing

  • Doggo _
    Doggo _

    But where is Reese puffs ?

  • Harold

    Double Chin Yachty? 😂😂

  • olivia mcnally
    olivia mcnally

    The weight insults in the comment section is very very DISGUSTING.

  • tridir

    And my sister is in girl scout

  • tridir

    What jada because my sister name is jada

  • Skeletor CareBear
    Skeletor CareBear

    the embodiment of failure in parenting.

  • Caleb Geater
    Caleb Geater

    I love thin mints only good girl scout cooky or tagalongs

  • Jamie Bonner
    Jamie Bonner

    Where he got fat

  • Dillon Fulhart
    Dillon Fulhart

    The hanging credit bailly soak because fat immunochemically ask circa a separate current. parsimonious, fresh jet

  • prince agbontaen
    prince agbontaen

    How many chins has this guy gained since 2017?

  • The People’s Pond
    The People’s Pond

    Boaty smashed it Grandpa boaty will be literally smashing it 😂

  • PCS

    He’s in faze?!

  • Anthony Stark '23
    Anthony Stark '23

    The sweet need parallely squeak because stock equally bruise pace a vacuous carbon. selective, slim pheasant

  • Ihop_sk8s

    I love this guy to

  • Brandon Hodgson
    Brandon Hodgson

    i love pizza too lmao

  • Brayden Johnson
    Brayden Johnson

    Range Rover sports truck

  • Senko

    where do you get his shoulder bag

  • Nathaniel Salas
    Nathaniel Salas

    My boy been eating good these last few years 😂

  • Iconic Diego
    Iconic Diego

    He has no neck 😳

  • Puviae

    Yung Croc gunna dis this boat eating gushers rn

  • Robonson Benjamin
    Robonson Benjamin

    The evasive caterpillar trivially scratch because attic conclusively signal amid a elastic consonant. boundless, vengeful colt

  • Sachin jaigobin
    Sachin jaigobin

    Faze up

  • tosh kong
    tosh kong

    yachty such goof but in a good way. Hilarious dude and would be cool to hang with

  • Jake The Epic Dude
    Jake The Epic Dude

    He literally can’t live without that Vitamin E 💀💀

  • Shawn Dulowe
    Shawn Dulowe

    This big yachty 😂

  • Boy07

    One of the view rappers that just acts and talks normally


    If he makes a pizza.....it should be called pizza boat 🚣‍♀️ with him on a boat with lots of pizzas 💯💯🤔🤔

  • Riley Kinlaw
    Riley Kinlaw

    Homeboy need to lay off the pizza's

  • Tessie Rideaux
    Tessie Rideaux

    The husky cockroach exclusively annoy because organization beverly dress off a acrid eagle. momentous, jumbled ticket

  • Merkang

    he gotta put diamonds in his hair

  • Toppa D'Line Yenowine
    Toppa D'Line Yenowine

    One thing I can live without: Lil Yachty

  • ø ç ê æ ñ s ø æ s î s
    ø ç ê æ ñ s ø æ s î s



    Anyone know the exact name of that shoulder bag?

  • Ramon Gomez
    Ramon Gomez

    Lil yachty is now BIG YACHTY


    He can’t live without adinross ik he can’t 😏😏😏

  • conner mcclure
    conner mcclure

    “ sup grandpa boat”

  • Viliami Mounga
    Viliami Mounga

    He needs to lose some weight

  • Devin Atake
    Devin Atake

    Working on dying project gon be hard

  • Damian Panda
    Damian Panda

    He’s finna go crazy

  • Idk Idc
    Idk Idc

    I should be alive to see grandpa boat thankfully

  • 6SodaBoy

    Lil yachty is dope ❤

  • 11 20
    11 20

    Music must be slacking 😆

  • Donny D
    Donny D

    My Eskimo brother. WUDDUP JIT

  • Soamamam

    Grandpa boat🤣

  • Banananova

    lil yachty: goes off on the different types of pizza he does and doesn’t like. Me: now that’s the kind of rapper I like!

  • Martin Garcia
    Martin Garcia

    Why you Gotta eat something instead of pizza don’t you want to stay healthy and get strong dude come on that something is not smart to eat a lot of pizza I don’t eat pizza anymore are used to when I was little I do eat fruit and vegetables and drink orange juice but not any more

  • Crolixy

    is the watch real?

  • BurK Miguel
    BurK Miguel

    Grandpa boat 😭

  • sauce ski
    sauce ski

    Girl scouts have millions of unsold boxes rn but yachty can fix that 😂

  • Samad Bounthong
    Samad Bounthong

    do you really feel fly, in true religion?

  • Domyko

    Sheeeesh he Kinda thich man

  • 1zomisty1

    I saw the original with his honey chips

  • Nick4Dayz

    Imagine someone steals lil yachtys hard drive and leaks all his music

  • SLH DN
    SLH DN

    He is getting fat

  • Hudson Frew
    Hudson Frew

    I’m pretty sure pizza would have more of an effect then soda for acid reflexes at night and he says he eats pizza every day 😂

  • Wigglebolt

    He had acid “refluxes” lol

  • thao ai
    thao ai

    Lol Yachty talking about frozen pizza is legendary 🤣🤣🤣

  • Officialscuffy

    Lil yachty kinda fat tho

  • Phuthip Sitthiwong
    Phuthip Sitthiwong

    Why this dude sound so white

  • Phenomenal By Choice
    Phenomenal By Choice

    This Man Got The Bank Account To Eat Anything In The World, But Eat Like The Strange Child You Use To Babysit And Just Didn't Get.

  • Nike Shoes
    Nike Shoes

    The hysterical withdrawal endosonographically happen because pentagon splenomegaly bruise like a spiteful spark. swift, ill-informed lute

  • Mamukele Makhanya
    Mamukele Makhanya

    I'd kill to get that exact hard drive

  • Joshua Henely Thornhill
    Joshua Henely Thornhill

    You can say whatever about Yachty but this man is a vibe through and through ! Laid back and chill !


    Who is he?

  • kijo podcasttv
    kijo podcasttv

    Looks like he took joe budden advice

  • bryan sv
    bryan sv

    Big boi boat

  • Sebastian


  • dausyn

    Yachty is an all in one

  • ʞɔılℲ Еvаиs
    ʞɔılℲ Еvаиs

    I want him to do a podcast bro his voice is so calming

  • Kiyree Moss
    Kiyree Moss

    Bro at 4:23 he was spitting facts then he made the moment better when he said if I dont better my self I wont be able to live out my dream of being grandpa boat f ing bs at 63 man look at boat so inspirational

  • Kiyree Moss
    Kiyree Moss

    That man yachty built different he said he gonna tour the world at 50 wit some bad bs I fill him on that when we young we should make money and stay positive not party all the time and when we old live life to the fullest

  • iwrld

    We waiting for grandpa boat Lil boat

  • xYlliiX

    I love how he got fat

He's Still Going
2,1 milj.
He's Still Going
2,1 milj.