Ludacris Goes Undercover on Twitter, Instagram and TikTok | GQ

  • Osiris

    F this dude, after what he did to Shawnna

  • Ira Ford
    Ira Ford

    Cool episode.

  • Jay Effarelti
    Jay Effarelti

    Listen we NEED Pitbull on this show

  • Blue Nova
    Blue Nova

    I love how Twitter bans every "Actually Me" account.

  • DJ Shawty Swag
    DJ Shawty Swag

    It’s Been A Little Long Time After He Drops 💧 Music 🎵 After A Lot Long Time After He Drops 💧 Music Back In 2000’s In 2020’s Fr For Real Fr 💯💯💯 It’s Lit 🔥 AsF 🔥💯🔥🔥🔥💯💯💯 Fr For Real Fr 💯💯💯

  • Princess Ro
    Princess Ro

    I use to wish he was my stepdad as a child... now I know we would’ve gotten along 😂

  • Zach Garcia
    Zach Garcia

    Is no one gonna talk about how humble this guy is! And is so chill and laid back! Most people aren’t like that so it’s nice to have someone so sweet, humble and also the most laid back person!

  • PNG 305
    PNG 305

    bruh these questions be like form 5 years ago

  • MsTip73

    I met him twice once in the ATL and the other in Miami. He was so cool, sweet, and funny. So glad I got a chance to meet him.

  • Nikki Richards
    Nikki Richards

    I can totally see the resemblance with him and Richard Pryor. Luda all chill off screen cuz of that 🎄(couldn't find a pot leaf). He a real 1 for sure.. imagine Luda being your landlord! 😁

  • JacobPlaysP76

    it’s for if you get bogged in the sand

  • Kyle

    One of the reason why I’m proud to be an ATLian

  • FastCars

    I think it's fake

  • Pokellector905

    Rap game needs Luda, enough of all these trash "rappers"

  • shazamantha

    Now I’m going to listen to Luda all day at my mom’s pool and her boyfriend is going to hate it which will make me love it even more 😈

  • Jay Chiniki
    Jay Chiniki

    I mean if this was in 2009 I would’ve been excited

  • Dominica Jones
    Dominica Jones

    Today I made chicken dumplings & crab Rangoon with cream cheese. He does seem really humble in person.

  • Millenial Billionaire
    Millenial Billionaire

    1:08 I dont know .. ask Jay Z

  • Teriana Pride
    Teriana Pride

    I’m surprised he didn’t say busta rhymes or missy elliott influenced him


    Ludacris got younger the past 20 years

  • Anthony Al Nassif
    Anthony Al Nassif

    do a series where u tour rappers and/or celebrity car collections

  • Logan Bolt
    Logan Bolt

    You should do videos where rappers and artists react to their type beats on FIshows

  • Kay Lynn Lopez
    Kay Lynn Lopez

    Is it me but that laptop looks huge 😳

  • Kenneth Smotherman
    Kenneth Smotherman

    Luda what up.

  • TakesTime

    using paul walker as click bait? low. just low

  • Muzaffar Zarrataj
    Muzaffar Zarrataj

    GQ get some metal people next at least some of the mainstream one. Maybe Corey Taylor or Oli Sykes

  • Fish God
    Fish God

    Next you should do a alien breaking down scifi movies

  • Javier Strive
    Javier Strive

    ROLL OUT !!!

  • assembled 18
    assembled 18

    We need Roman & Tej spinoff film being directed by Ryan Coogler, Steven Caple Jr, Malcolm D. Lee, F. Gary Gray, or Antoine Fuqua.

  • Lͥegͣeͫnd

    WASSUo Christopher

  • Tia Henegan
    Tia Henegan

    You need to do a verzuz against someone

  • Tia Henegan
    Tia Henegan

    Y’all definitely look alike a little

  • Tia Henegan
    Tia Henegan

    I can listen to your voice any time

  • Will Pascarella
    Will Pascarella

    Luda seems like he can do anything he wants. He's a great actor and musician. Can't wait to hear the new album when it does come out.

  • John Bonham
    John Bonham

    Hey GQ? How is using your real name, real picture, and directly answering questions directly in the first-person “undercover”?

  • Demetrius Wilkins
    Demetrius Wilkins

    Bro this man looks the same as he did 20 years ago !!!

  • RiRi 3500
    RiRi 3500

  • Раиса Токарева
    Раиса Токарева

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  • MadTrilla TV
    MadTrilla TV

    Luda the humble

  • Christopher Prince
    Christopher Prince

    Yo there was an Indian dude in my high school back in the day . His rap name was ludaKrishna... Cause his real name was Krishna...hahaha classic love you luda

  • MaxwellAndGeoffreyUpNext

    luda the goat

  • future hofer
    future hofer

    This is ludacris

  • Ian Fitzgerald
    Ian Fitzgerald

    Bro, Luda would be a great Richard Pryor in a bio pic

  • Daman

    Ludacris is opposite of rude

  • Flin Jamin
    Flin Jamin

    Funny how he thinks he would contribute something to mother earth by buying a Tesla.

    • Catsup Tha God
      Catsup Tha God

      celebrities r kinda not smart

  • Mirapid


  • sky-high

    No MacBook in this video ?

  • Peyton Weir
    Peyton Weir

    luda went crazy on the conway track. can't wait for the new new 🤧

  • sugar pop
    sugar pop

    He has the voice for bedtime stories 😉

  • Killertruth186

    I am all for saving the planet, but sadly it is a lot harder to make it possible. But there's still time to find the solution.

  • partyplardy

    I want to see a Ludacris cooking show🥘 🍳

  • Curtis Bowden
    Curtis Bowden

    this man in my top five rappers and I love that he's so funny and humble too, a true legend

  • CG Hedmann
    CG Hedmann

    WTF with that laptop

  • jehst'

    he's going "undercover" but he's using his real name?

  • Kristóf Harmath
    Kristóf Harmath

    Just watched faf 9...... A W E S O M E

  • Mikey Jae 777
    Mikey Jae 777

    Ludacris and Nelly are two rappers that come to mind that dominated the 2000s era. Dude hasn’t aged a day since then either lol

  • Ashley Gillespie
    Ashley Gillespie

    He taught me a lot about life? Lol uh ok

  • Everybody Loves Benny
    Everybody Loves Benny

    This dude doesn’t age

  • Keaira Duncan
    Keaira Duncan

    “We were filming fast 7, no 6 maybe 8 idk I lost track” US TOO BRO

  • Dj none
    Dj none

    Here I thought we were supposed to stay out yo biznass

  • Christian Michaud
    Christian Michaud

    Ludacris and 50 Cent, the 2 rappers that got me into hip hop when I was 5 years old. I remember I had the Red Light District and Disturbing the Peace albums and I would listen to them on the school bus with my little CD player and terrible headphones 😂 little did I know I was creating memories I’d remember forever, good times

    • Mikey Jae 777
      Mikey Jae 777

      Those two rappers plus TI and Nelly were my favorites growing up too

  • Rina Pena
    Rina Pena

    He would b a cool guy to hang around with

  • Kanyin’s Tv
    Kanyin’s Tv

    Quick reminder to everyone that, “The Lord is close to the brokenhearted; he rescues those whose spirits are crushed.” - Psalm 34:18 Even at your lowest God is still there for you. You’re loved and Jesus is coming back soon 🤍🤍

  • LRrealest


  • RaphaCool Johnson
    RaphaCool Johnson


  • Shonah_15


  • C. Tucker Stewart
    C. Tucker Stewart


  • Sammy Hubert
    Sammy Hubert

    That hair makes him look like a cartoon character?

  • Pedro Mariano
    Pedro Mariano

    The greatest Tej

  • Xavier

    Sweet dude

  • Felicia Parker
    Felicia Parker

    Everytime i see luda i always say when tej gonna cut that hair lol

  • marlin thrower
    marlin thrower

    good video

  • ThatGuyJT

    This video is Ludicrous 😏

  • I b
    I b

    He looks so familiar! Looks like the guy frm The Crash & Hustle & Flow...

  • The Rye Guy
    The Rye Guy

    Who else remembers the song “baby” by Justin Bieber FT. Ludacris

  • What seek ye
    What seek ye

    Nice! 👌🏾

  • Alexander William
    Alexander William

    Yoooo "So 2 drinks a night can help me live longer" Consistency!!

  • Yung Mogli
    Yung Mogli

    Why does he look like is 30 years old black don't crack f - sake

  • Young Prince
    Young Prince

    for the 4 people that disliked yall suck😂

  • Tay YoungGod
    Tay YoungGod

    Been slapping his tunes since back for the first time 01'

  • Orbit Poison
    Orbit Poison


  • Ryan Duff
    Ryan Duff

    Wait Ludacris is still working?

  • Fire Steam 2 Shorts
    Fire Steam 2 Shorts


  • Financial Shinanigan
    Financial Shinanigan

    Smart of him to diversify into real estate and avoid the F8 of so many celebrities.

    • W

      Wu Tang Clan told an entire generation to diversify their bonds....the mumble rappers of this era need a new Gen Z financial icon

    • Ali Ber
      Ali Ber


    • Mikey Jae 777
      Mikey Jae 777

      Goated comment

    • Myron Gaines
      Myron Gaines

      I see what you did there.

  • admangoe

    What's the point in the "undercover" thing if everyone just believes he is actually Ludacris 🤔

  • IffySweatshirt

    F9 really needed Paul walker without him it was pretty stale like there won’t much action besides the 🚀 part

  • dancehall 360
    dancehall 360

    Here before 50 comments 2021

  • 1lights90

    why you gotta give luda a old laptop with a vga port. messed up. thought this was gq

    • AtomicSmokes

      thats probly his 😂

  • TiffNinetyFour

    It took them this long to get Luda on here?! 🤯

  • Shaniqua Meeks
    Shaniqua Meeks


  • Anthony oquendo
    Anthony oquendo

    LUDA !!


    I wonder if these social media accounts , created by these celebs on this series , actually exist or do they just edit it in and don't really create them 🤔🤷‍♂️... Would be dope if they actually create the accounts and actually replied to the comments shown , in real life 🤞 💯


      @Kimmy Howell Ight thanks for the info 🙏.. I'ma go rewatch some of my favourite episodes and try and dig up those accounts and their replies to the questions asked. I would like to see the reaction of the people who asked the question once they realised that the actual celeb replied to their comment 💯

    • Kimmy Howell
      Kimmy Howell

      @RIVERSIDER actually ludacris is a real instagram account. i didnt catch his twitter handle so i didnt search for it. i can't remember all the other ones i've looked up but almost eveyrtime i watch GQ celebs going undercover i search for them and the responses are there. and real


      @Kimmy Howell Who's accounts you found and where did you find them 🤔?


      @CMShortboy Which accounts did you find?

    • CMShortboy

      They are real accounts. I've looked up a few of my favorites.

  • Nate Jones
    Nate Jones

    Or like zayn and Gigi to do anything would be fire!!

  • Nate Jones
    Nate Jones

    Can we have zayn and Gigi to do the couple quiz plz


    Luda was the FIRST RAPPER with the MAYBACH SUV 💯 🏁

    • Stan DA Man
      Stan DA Man

      Luda was a rapper before the most rapper's 🤣🤣🤣 He's a Legend 💯

    • Pawz D.O.G
      Pawz D.O.G

      wdym that was soulja boy

  • Slim Lucas
    Slim Lucas

    DaBaby the new Ludacris? Nah, Ludacris the old DaBaby... :)

    • Catsup Tha God
      Catsup Tha God

      @Slim Lucas dababy ok but he aint make child of the night 🥱

    • Slim Lucas
      Slim Lucas

      On top of that DaBaby have had never made a song with some industry plant like Justin Bieber

    • Slim Lucas
      Slim Lucas

      Ludacris just had less hits for so many years than DaBaby did in just few of them

    • Slim Lucas
      Slim Lucas

      @Curtis Bowden For sure he ain't close because Baby is way ahead of Luda

    • Curtis Bowden
      Curtis Bowden

      dababy ain't even close to the legend

  • Alexis Aparicio
    Alexis Aparicio

    I want to make an interview with you the movie is dope loved it

    • Leveezy Gutta Muzik
      Leveezy Gutta Muzik



    *The Legend.*

  • Rawz DawXZ
    Rawz DawXZ

    Ludacris is still a celebrity? I haven't heard of him since like 2004 when he last made music.

    • Curtis Bowden
      Curtis Bowden

      are you joking

    • Okay Buddy
      Okay Buddy

      He’s doing more acting now but yeah

    • Leveezy Gutta Muzik
      Leveezy Gutta Muzik 💥💥

    • Sein Kim Official /Blaze Blue
      Sein Kim Official /Blaze Blue

      He featured on a song with JID on Conway The Machine's track Scatter Brain

    • Emre Muslera
      Emre Muslera

      2004? What about the Fast & Furious movies?

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