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  • TraxNYC Diamond Jewelry
    TraxNYC Diamond Jewelry

    Thank again for the invitation GQ ! More jewelry content on our channel for you guys, have a look ;)

  • Get Money
    Get Money

    East side crack head also did paper clips but not iced out 🤣

  • Miguel Luis
    Miguel Luis

    You should react to 6ix9ines jewelleries

  • iceman9890

    Migos ice better

  • Antonio Molina
    Antonio Molina

    U talk to much hype

  • Real Trillquez
    Real Trillquez

    After clicking on this vid 30+ times Bc of add’s I can finally watch the vid , yay!

  • Alex Samburschi
    Alex Samburschi

    Tony Ferguson critiquing jewellery

  • zef sam
    zef sam

    How did y’all not show the AstroWorld chain by Eliantte 🤦‍♂️

  • TruthBeTold447

    Uh oh who cares

  • Fredrik Berglund
    Fredrik Berglund

    This guy Trax look like he would sell you overpriced fake gold, but he is the only jeweler with integrity.

  • ruben carlos
    ruben carlos

    Your too much of a yes man for this one artist .

  • Shane T.
    Shane T.

    Where Meek jawn at

  • Trey Miller
    Trey Miller

    Trax what up fam

  • Amos Daniel
    Amos Daniel

    Eliantte jewelry no one comes close

  • Cedric Gant
    Cedric Gant

    His Astro chain is one if the craziest/most slept on. 💎

  • Alex Njiiri
    Alex Njiiri

    can y'all do pharrell

  • Josue Ruiz
    Josue Ruiz

    Do 6ix9ine

  • crazy editor
    crazy editor

    Travis is an idiot

  • Kelen Du Couteau
    Kelen Du Couteau

    The paperclip one was very cool ngl

  • Joel Montoya
    Joel Montoya

    Ayyy thats TRAXNYC

  • Yeti Man
    Yeti Man

    Jesus piece is lit

  • David

    ASAP rocky been rocking the pearls

  • Hugo Trujillo
    Hugo Trujillo


  • Diego Castelan
    Diego Castelan

    You know, this is cool but I think he kinda overthinks over the meanings, like just say its cool and probably a fact behind the piece like the gucci link one.

  • Abhim Sandal
    Abhim Sandal


  • ® ﻼﺡ٩ذ
    ® ﻼﺡ٩ذ

    Can’t take this guy serious since 69 exposed him

  • itzabeamer

    i’m kinda not thinking trax knows who cactus jack is

  • Luke Lawrence
    Luke Lawrence

    Where’s the carousel peice??

  • Deadstockbart on Twitch
    Deadstockbart on Twitch

    i was told that the logo on his hat actually does not translate to "cactus jack" in russian

    • Deadstockbart on Twitch
      Deadstockbart on Twitch

      @Patrick Reynolds right, im js what someone had told me is all

    • Patrick Reynolds
      Patrick Reynolds

      It does phonetically so you're saying the words cactus jack still but it's not a literal russian translation

  • Zenzy_21

    He’s got no bystanders... SPEND 2 Hours on this flight man🔥😂

  • Juliana Silva
    Juliana Silva


  • micheal faraday
    micheal faraday


  • Jerry Louise
    Jerry Louise


  • janae villarreal
    janae villarreal

    I love it.

  • Julia Fox
    Julia Fox


  • Eric Quinn
    Eric Quinn

    His necklace collection is hands down one if not the most unique in the jewelry game.

  • Twy_200

    The jack piece is because his name is Jacques but the his dad instead of saying Jacques just called him jack

  • Zach Green
    Zach Green

    dude got beat by scott disick lol

  • Dylan Martino
    Dylan Martino

    I honestly have never even heard a Travis Scott song 🎧🎶🎵 and I’m not even capping 🧢but he that makes me creative sneakers so I believe he puts the same creative and he’s Jewelry. But I couldn’t name you one Travis Scott song 🎧🎶🎵🤷🏼‍♂️🤷🏼‍♂️🤷🏼‍♂️

    • _

      Goosebumps? Sicko mode? Are you living under a rock?

  • Evan Feng
    Evan Feng

    Take a shot every time this guy says enamel

  • Miki

    Let him do a Critiques Scott Dissick’s jewelery next.

    • Krakatoa_ 81
      Krakatoa_ 81

      you saw one of his latest video it seems bout Dissick 😂 Trax is a legend

  • Kai Thursday
    Kai Thursday

    Howie slept on this guy. He really went on to do big things.

  • GoodhitsTV

    Lmaooo trax on gq

  • ollo

    the multi colour cuban is my favorite 🔥

  • JT Ryan
    JT Ryan

    Not gonna watch the clown that got famous off 6ix9ine Rather was tekashi and stevewilldoit rank cat turds

    • _


  • BabyJesus

    Scott Dissicks brother 😅🤣😂

  • Christian Draker
    Christian Draker

    I can’t get enough of these lol

  • neto


  • double trouble
    double trouble

    Is this the guy the got into it with Scott discik the lord " 😆

  • Ddog

    Utopia must be coming

  • Fabien Woodley
    Fabien Woodley

    Love this series with trax.... keep it going

  • Ian

    stupidest matter 🤡🖕

  • Mey Bbobb
    Mey Bbobb

    Next up: traxnyc critics scott disik jewelry



  • K W
    K W

    Not official Murakami

  • Chris Banner
    Chris Banner

    Big up trax

  • Big Head Bob
    Big Head Bob

    I'm gonna be on the cover of GQ one day :)

  • TheWiseGuy

    Why are always MIDDLE EASTERNS selling jewelry or cars hahah 😂 .

  • Jordan Grncarevski
    Jordan Grncarevski

    WE NEED TRAVIS ON THE ROCKS. tbh, he might be to big for GQ

    • Nick Lawlor
      Nick Lawlor


  • Tim Perez
    Tim Perez

    Gang Gang

  • antonio bastos aires
    antonio bastos aires

    Please more of travis collection

  • Kunal Ketkar
    Kunal Ketkar

    Jweller expert compliments * Travis Scott's collection

  • Chi11

    This guy with that kiddie collection lol

  • Chi11

    Why call these pieces Jesus piece when that’s not the head of Jesus in any of em

  • Jay Mitchell
    Jay Mitchell

    his flame boy piece will forever be a classic

  • Zach Ealy
    Zach Ealy

    Where’s the big ASTROWORLD chain with the horses and carousel

  • Dreww luke
    Dreww luke

    they missed the astro world piece🙁

  • Lincoln Faulkner
    Lincoln Faulkner

    This fool really just pointing out things that we already knew . Like “ You can see he is really creative”

  • Ricky Zuniga
    Ricky Zuniga

    Hands down as far as creativity Travis hands down had the best pieces

  • josh dough
    josh dough

    critique seems a lil generous. this man doesn't say one bad thing abt Travis's collection.

  • Alex Rodriguez
    Alex Rodriguez

    I thought I was the only one who put paper clips around my neck

  • D. Felix Photo
    D. Felix Photo

    Soulja boy was the first rapper with a paper clip chain.

  • Josh Gray
    Josh Gray

    Why does this whole video feel like a softcore roast

  • David Lopez
    David Lopez

    Ah yes my favorite artist and my favorite jeweler, lets gooooooo

  • Gabriel Marcante
    Gabriel Marcante

    Playboi Carti Collection🥺🙏🏾

  • DCMA247

    love TraxNYC, he always speaks truths.

  • The Shine
    The Shine

    Absolute madness...

  • Esdras

    Do a video on juice WRLD

  • Danny Oceans
    Danny Oceans

    This man literally wants to suck Travis off by complimenting him in every aspect. We get it, you think he is the most creative, most original, most beautiful man in the world.

  • TheNobleDildo

    He’s rich, so that makes him a super profound artistic genius savant.....


    this was weak man , i coulda done better


    those pearls are straight off the oceans of Mexico man

  • Oratile Phiri
    Oratile Phiri

    i actually need him to come and tell us himself

  • Homam Bukhatwa
    Homam Bukhatwa

    Travis’ jewler: how many chains you want bruh? Travis: EeeyeAh

  • 808mauna

    creative asf, piece unique

  • Stark Spector
    Stark Spector

    “I’m tired of you treating me like trash Howard!!!”

  • Nick Bonollo
    Nick Bonollo

    do a boogie

  • New Wave
    New Wave

    Trax Ruby tennis chain is 🔥

  • Chiu Emmanuel Shun Wah趙信華
    Chiu Emmanuel Shun Wah趙信華

    get this man in 10 essentials

  • Brad Wein
    Brad Wein

    There's no accounting for taste. Price is meaningless when it's crap.

  • Mariusz Jarmutowski
    Mariusz Jarmutowski

    This dude…. “You know Travis likes cross I mean he has tattoos of a cross there. His a big fan of crosses.” Me:…. What?

    • Luka

      That high end coca hits like a mf

    • emmett martin
      emmett martin

      I mean Travis is a huge fan of crosses so he's right

  • Elinton lin Reang
    Elinton lin Reang

    Why don't GQ Get Travis Scott at the insane jewelry collection episode . Bcuz everyone knows that Travis has that crazy ice collection..get it GQ fam

    • ybn tafarel
      ybn tafarel

      because travis doesn't do interviews,he doesn't like cameras

  • Chidi Omeje
    Chidi Omeje

    Travis should be "on the rocks"!!


    Can't wait for a rapper to purchase a yacht and then *bussdown* the entire *anchor* of the yacht ⚓⛵.. Now *THAT* will be the *ULTIMATE FLEX* 💪😂

  • Montez H
    Montez H

    Pearl's are definitely in.


    #CancelScottDisick ASAP 😤👎

  • 1003 boyz Tv
    1003 boyz Tv

    Jewelry ok rappers these just mess me up ice out these high priced watches loosing value making me think they not buying it its rentals

  • Dominik B
    Dominik B

    3:06 Did no one ever as a kid i didn’t even know what a diamond chain was bruh

  • La Flame
    La Flame

    How y’all left out the astroworld piece smh

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