Wolfgang Puck Breaks Down Restaurant Scenes from Movies | GQ

  • Bae Jing
    Bae Jing

    Next episode : Wolfgang puck eats at a food truck for the first time

  • Duck Soup
    Duck Soup

    What a douchebag

  • Ghostdinosawur

    I have not seen the movie chef

  • Alan Hope
    Alan Hope

    I could listen to Wolfgang all day. Maybe by then I'd understand what he's saying. j/k

  • Kimberly Jackson
    Kimberly Jackson

    I love Wolfgang!! Honestly I’ve only seen 3 of the many “chef” movies out there. They low key annoy me for personal reasons lol But Ratatouille is my favorite

  • yiban di
    yiban di

    Yeah Im also a but squeemish with my meat thats why for a steak I always get medium well because not everyone can cook it well done without it being too dry... Except for special meat like really expensive A5 wagyu where I always ask how the chef would prefer it... Its the only time I eat meat medium rare...

  • Frank R. Haugen
    Frank R. Haugen

    He says he's never so hungry he need to eat at a truck stop or a food van... Don't he want to rub elbows with the plebs?? The food van is a way to bring good food to people who don't have the money or time to experience a fine dining experience. And it's a great way for up-and-coming chefs to hone their trade and recipes before starting restaurants. Puck should stop by the plebeians' food sources to get some new experiences, (and maybe E. Coli 🤣 )

  • Oneil Carantes
    Oneil Carantes

    maaan he really mentioned the names. way to go wolfgang!

  • adir ben yair
    adir ben yair

    1:10 here's the ratatouille one

  • NotLuigi

    You have to try my Dorito chicken schnitzel!

  • Alex Becker
    Alex Becker

    Not considering to try something (like a food truck) is arrogant as well. Espacially if you're a Chef and refuse to try a new food-concept. Maybe Ray Stark wasn't wrong afterall...

  • Brigadier_skull Head
    Brigadier_skull Head

    If I ask for steak that doesn’t look good for me but I do still eat it rather than complain about it. There’s always a next time and ask for different else. I don’t know what’s medium-rare is but I liked it for the first time except for medium-well. Well done/medium taste dry and tough as a rubber tire.

  • RED Mercury
    RED Mercury

    Take a shot every time Wolfgang disses John Favereu

  • RED Mercury
    RED Mercury

    Here's what I hate What kind of pepper did you use? There are 113 varieties. (Pulls out Gun, BLAM!) OR..... "Did you add pepper to this?" Me: Yes.

  • Joni Deppu
    Joni Deppu

    In an alternate universe, Wolfgang Puck is a legend of a hockey player

  • JacobWilsonVO

    That first 20 seconds is such serious shade and I love it XD!

  • Josh Brown
    Josh Brown

    The omelette was undercooked it was just MOLTEN

  • Neri Ashley Cabajar
    Neri Ashley Cabajar

    He is a European chef and I could tell he loves omelet as much as I do!

  • M G&G
    M G&G

    One of the rare non French people who pronounces Ratatouille properly! ;)

  • Pelumi Ajiboye
    Pelumi Ajiboye

    He is the guy that own a knife brand right??

  • J H
    J H

    servus wolfgang

  • Honey

    chef is the absolute worse chef movie and if you like it you probably don’t cook.

  • Ramya Ravinuthala
    Ramya Ravinuthala

    One moment to appreciate the research that went into ratatouille move , a beautiful kitchen ( very realistic down to pots and pans ) , very realistic chefs customers and Beautiful Paris

  • Elektrogstanzl


  • Dorothy

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  • groofay

    You know you're in trouble when a chef asks you to make an omelette.

  • Part-time Brock
    Part-time Brock

    Wolfgang F#*k

  • bruhh hh
    bruhh hh

    hes so cute i want him as my grandpa

  • ChrisP Bacon
    ChrisP Bacon


  • kahea2018


  • Anders Krigslund
    Anders Krigslund

    GQ videographers can't even properly expose my man Wolfgang

  • Cross-Eyed Liszt
    Cross-Eyed Liszt

    Who knew Jack Nicholson was such a good cook?

  • Natalia Montelongo
    Natalia Montelongo

    When he said Morocco I thought it was Henning Wehn telling the interpol story.

  • Nick Nguyen
    Nick Nguyen

    Imagine telling Wolfgang puck that this isn’t medium rare.

  • UwU Neko Kitty
    UwU Neko Kitty

    I loved that how he reviewed ratatouille and he said that it was accurate! My grandpa was also a cook and he enjoyed the movie. It is safe to say ratatouille is one of the best of the 2000s movie (there are other amazing ones too like Wall-e, but I love ratatouille because it also ties in with my family. my mom is a French teacher and we always watched French movies, so this one was a hit for us!)

  • Darren Sanderson
    Darren Sanderson

    So, I've never seen this guy before, but holy fark the arrogance! Like jeeze dude, tone it down.

  • Vyzard

    > Criticizes the food truck industry That's it, forget Flay vs Ramsey fight, now I want to see him in the Iron Chef kitchen vs Flay

  • J W
    J W

    Eww. What a pretentious guy. He took the fun out of this.

  • KillJoy Since2017
    KillJoy Since2017

    can y'all get gordon Ramsey to do one of these ?

  • KillJoy Since2017
    KillJoy Since2017

    c'mon Wolfgang food truck is pretty damned good good

  • KillJoy Since2017
    KillJoy Since2017


  • NC Smith
    NC Smith

    Camera man: How many times should I zoom in and out? Director: yes

  • Ethan Connolly
    Ethan Connolly

    Great chef, comes across like a right wanker though

  • awx gty
    awx gty

    Well obviously this man hasnt had hot streetfood like vadas, pav bhaji, etc during the rainy season in india.. i mean that is soo much more an experience than going to a pretentious restaurant tbh

  • Ced Burner
    Ced Burner

    The happy bicycle realistically post because pastor increasingly receive circa a tired amount. knowledgeable, offbeat chemistry

  • S L
    S L

    Nostalgia setting in ... 3..2..1..

  • s

    "Jon alvays sinks he is such a good cook, so I crush his dreams. It is lots of fun because I am ze German"

    • I love pineapples
      I love pineapples

      Yeah germans really hate Jon

    • el chag
      el chag

      Wolfgang is austrian.

  • p rl
    p rl

    EDIT: looked it up and for someone who dislikes food trucks, he surely used the concept for his catering services. www.papercitymag.com/society/wolfgang-puck-jumps-houston-catering-scene/ --- Had full respect on Wolfgang and he is of course valid to have an opinion but I can criticize him for it. His take on food trucks that serves great food and accomodates a specific sector that cannot afford his luxurious restaurants sounds elitist to me. No wonder he doesn't have a show like Bourdain or Ramsay on travelling to different countries, experiencing different food AND cultures. He's not going to survive and I'm feeling doubtful on his status as a renowned chef if he's much of a douche about certain food services that doesn't meet his standard or fancy gourmet. If some agree with him, claims to be foodies or even a fan of the late Bourdain, yall got to evaluate yourselves because majority of good food exists in the not most good looking places.

  • Mayer Ratledge
    Mayer Ratledge

    The unaccountable stomach endogenously fold because look immediately desert astride a cowardly tom-tom. swanky, tawdry male

  • The Prime Minister of Australia
    The Prime Minister of Australia

    Do not kowtow to the vegan freaks. Denying them service makes your restaurant more exclusive and desirable for the superior classes 🤔

  • xcaliber7779

    I cook SPAM to medium rare perfection 😁✌

  • Finn The Human
    Finn The Human

    I would like nothing more than for this man to teach me how to make an omelette

  • Sam B
    Sam B

    Who doesn’t like a food truck every now and again?

  • Narra Beckett
    Narra Beckett

    9:16 He has no idea what he’s talking about. It would be an honor for most people to try his food.

  • Maria Francheska Garcia
    Maria Francheska Garcia

    No Reservations is one of my favorite movies so I NEED a part 2

  • SteelWarrior115

    Wolfgang is a pretty cool guy, been to several events where he catered. He makes a killer lobster cake

  • sachin sakri
    sachin sakri

    He kind looks like jack nicolson's elder brother!

  • Sophie Ding
    Sophie Ding

    somebody do a series and take this man on a food truck tour, eating standing up!

  • Neil Strayer
    Neil Strayer

    This guy thinks you make a Cuban sandwich with a French baguette?

  • Sharon Tackett
    Sharon Tackett

    Not to be confused with Wolfgang Amadeus puck!!!!

  • Hector Zepeda
    Hector Zepeda

    Too bad he hasn’t been to Mexico where standing in the street and eating is daily and is an experience as well

  • Truth & Love
    Truth & Love

    8:33 "I generally don't try to argue with the customers because it gets me upset and maybe the customers too" lol it's the "maybe the customers too" part

  • Pedro Penduko
    Pedro Penduko

    If Michellin give out stars to food trucks he would care. They give out stars to hawkers now so maybe. Just maybe.

  • Nick Brandon
    Nick Brandon


  • Evil GM
    Evil GM

    Anyone who hasn't seen No Reservation, the old one AND the remake, is missing out.

  • Brendan Fox
    Brendan Fox

    This guy thinks too highly of himself

  • Jacob Ferrera
    Jacob Ferrera

    I disagree 1 billion% with this man about food trucks!

  • MrFuggleGuggle

    His take on food trucks is a bit 'old fashioned' and slightly out of touch - given that Los Angeles and many other cities now have a vibrant, high quality, and gourmet food truck scene. Like Roger Ebert saying 'video games will never be art'.

  • JD

    He's a bit pretentious tbh why does eating have to be an event ugh you cook food you're not a superhero

  • Forugh Esmaili
    Forugh Esmaili

    Out of Persia, so cute! Thanks Puck :)

  • The New Seorarek
    The New Seorarek

    Oh to be named wolfgang

  • Chris

    Puck is missing out on some good food truck food

  • Henri Bachmann
    Henri Bachmann

    As an old austrian its no surprise that he has never eaten smth out of a truck- there is hardly any streetfood culture here. My father as well never tried any type of streetfood

  • Tushar Sharma
    Tushar Sharma

    Jack Nicholson

  • Jessica Gonzalez
    Jessica Gonzalez

    Cuban sandwiches don't call for French Baguette!

  • Aryan Santosh Zachariah
    Aryan Santosh Zachariah

    who else thinks that wolfgang puck looks like jack nicholson?!?!

  • Don_Sadiku

    We need Eminem to the show ASAP!!!!

  • Ryo Ferasta
    Ryo Ferasta

    ngl wolfgang sounds like a male version of loise

  • lamark wooden
    lamark wooden

    Please give us a part 2 he’s too funny,I love the way he explains every scene and gives funny stories about his cooking days

  • Daniel Lee
    Daniel Lee

    You can tell this man don’t know Cuban food, who tf using a french baguette for a cubanos

  • Goose

    Bro isn’t invited to the carne asada then. Street tacos are way better than anything you can get in a restaurant

  • Danielle King
    Danielle King

    lmao wow, he is *roasting* Jon Favreau by saying he's not a cook just because of the omelette 😂

  • Eszra 01
    Eszra 01

    Id like the shake this mans hand once


    There’s some food that isn’t meant to be eaten at a “beautiful restaurant”..sorry to say but until he realizes this he will never have had a true Mexican taco

    • A N
      A N

      This is valid for street food world-wide.

  • im haus
    im haus


  • Sheesh I can't decide on a name
    Sheesh I can't decide on a name

    Fully honesty. I've had amazing food out of trucks, don't judge the food just by how 'fancy' it is. Anyone can go and buy some nice decor and use fancy ingredients but not everybody can cook well. Legit many countries culture is eating street food.

    • Nadia

      Why are you taking it personally?

  • Raihan Pratama
    Raihan Pratama

    he literally flexing almost the entire time of the video, jk love this guy

  • Yash Gaikwad
    Yash Gaikwad

    He is little arrogant

  • Darren Moore
    Darren Moore

    He certainly doesn’t accommodate to his guests. I was once trying to see if his pizza had egg at one of his pizza places because of my allergies and the staff laughed at me. I felt so ashamed about myself don’t let this video think he runs a “great” food empire.

  • Dark Crow
    Dark Crow

    I want to see Wolfgang Puck react to Bradley Cooper Burnt scene where he confronted the customer and took all their food 😂

  • Hans Schmidt
    Hans Schmidt

    So Wolfgang Truck is never going to happen?

  • Mango

    I want Chef Ramsay to review these movies lmao

  • woggz21

    You’re missing out Mr. Puck.

  • Ze Germanz
    Ze Germanz

    This guy seems way too pretentious. No clue who he is but seems like he's trying too hard to come across as an expert

    • Choppy

      Imagine not knowing who someone is and then, without doing any research, dismiss their credentials. A 2 second google search: "The Wolfgang Puck Companies encompass over 20 fine dining restaurants, among the top 40 Restaurants in the U.S., premium catering services, more than 80 Wolfgang Puck Express operations, and kitchen and food merchandise, including cookbooks, canned foods, and coffee products" Oh yeah totally not an expert

  • Murad Wessel
    Murad Wessel

    Female Chef???

  • Bradley Dahlgren
    Bradley Dahlgren

    🇺🇸 in a nutshell @00:57 😂😂😂

  • Bradley Dahlgren
    Bradley Dahlgren

    America in a nutshell @00:58

  • allampalli hema venkata abhinav
    allampalli hema venkata abhinav

    Gq Few months later : ex-alkhaidha cheif breaks down terrorist scenes in movies

  • Jordan 11
    Jordan 11

    500th comment.

  • Kevin Tran
    Kevin Tran

    Didn't spend enough time on Chef. Thumbs down.