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  • Canul

    the last one not the corniest.the most respectable and nice example. i remember billie ellish also have finneas.cuz billie need finead for life.well this is good example for people. we I'll be is everything lmao😭

  • ASMR charlotte
    ASMR charlotte

    7:08 imagine him saying that to you

  • Ruth Eshelman
    Ruth Eshelman

    Guess what idiots. Y'all are being finessed. Diamonds aren't even rare. They purp. Hold diamonds back to make ppl think they are. Then u add that jewlers are str8 jacking the price n making a ton profit to. And your getting screwed twice. If I was that rich I wouldn't even waist my money on jewelry ur being robbed.

  • Niccole Evans
    Niccole Evans

    _iPod indeed_ 💯

  • Brian Parkhurst
    Brian Parkhurst

    Magua is one of the best villains in movie history.

  • lexo30

    As an Irishman, I admired the way Tom Hiddleston got into his Irish accent--it started out very bad, but the more he did it, the more natural he sounded.

  • Cool Cat
    Cool Cat

    One of my all time favorite actors & was in so many iconic films (Geronimo being my favorite). Also seems to be a very cool & down to earth guy. I just wish we could see him reunite with Costner & join the cast of "Yellowstone".

  • TwoWheel Addiction
    TwoWheel Addiction

    My Face masks look amazing after 5 minutes with beard oil. Gotta love a beard and Covid-19 times.

  • charlieaston007

    This guy offers no insight whatsoever

  • The Art of Steve
    The Art of Steve


  • M7A1


  • Aila Williamson
    Aila Williamson

    The fact that so many of my mental illnesses are in this vid 💀💀💀

  • Cris Corcoran
    Cris Corcoran

    That guy was a badass in Last of the Mohicans.

  • Elia genious
    Elia genious

    so this is cole sprouse?!?... i didnt know he was that funny.. sorry i live under a rock

  • redbekillink

    Atk mean ace to kill

  • Justin Humphrey
    Justin Humphrey


  • Prasenjit Das
    Prasenjit Das


  • Marco Sp
    Marco Sp

    If you never did it.. Please watch Mr. Nobody!

  • Azn Willy
    Azn Willy

    Screen legend.

  • Jonathan Ayala
    Jonathan Ayala

    The unhealthy salesman unexpectedly start because juice happily spark underneath a humorous scarf. eager, cheerful antelope

  • Aliya Manasika
    Aliya Manasika

    okay now i need to know his IG

  • Nigar Guliyeva
    Nigar Guliyeva

    Now I am going to those posts to like that comments💅🏻

  • Doug Scott
    Doug Scott

    Climbed out of his hole after Em buried him

  • Marinus Antonius
    Marinus Antonius

    Generic and kitschy interior. Those leds are particularly hideous.

    • La'Vion Gladwell
      La'Vion Gladwell

      Its a tour bus.... imagine hating on a tour bus... its not supposed to have the best interior of all time

    • La'Vion Gladwell
      La'Vion Gladwell

      you sound like the most miserable loser of all time. try saying something positive for once u sound like every generic youtube hater. yawn, been done before. next.

  • DoggoFN

    I looked at the thumbnail and thought it was xqc for a few seconds

  • DavidAkhter

    I dont get why hes not very excited about the was one of his best performances!

  • Raimy Susan Paul
    Raimy Susan Paul

    And they call me DADDY did he just say that casually lolo

  • C.Ronaldo jr
    C.Ronaldo jr


  • Jeff

    An absolutely boring watch. Nothing against Naomi Osaka or Cordae but listening to two celebrities ask personal questions to each other is not an interesting format.

  • Matthew Hawkins
    Matthew Hawkins

    Disappointed not to see Deep Rising on this list. He had a meaty role in that film and was the best thing about it. Loved listening to this man talk.

  • Phoenix Gaming
    Phoenix Gaming

    He is a Sony Fan ( ps4 ) Yessssssss! :)))

  • Crazykiller65

    I think the hardest chain is his ATK chain

  • Julian Prasaja
    Julian Prasaja

    If the MCU was started in the 90's, ths guy would be a perfect Yondu Udonta.

  • Joel J
    Joel J

    Yo this lady is absolutely incredible. A savant

  • zarasbazaar

    Magua could have been a two dimensional villain, but Studi made him a sympathetic character with an identifiable back story. That's a great actor.

  • robby garza
    robby garza

    The sweltering racing enthrallingly travel because school clinicopathologically yell with a taboo hamburger. nonchalant, enchanted pantry

  • SnifflingSmithster :-D
    SnifflingSmithster :-D

    Rami Malek was a legend on Bohemian Rhapsody No one else could of been better

  • Karthik Pratheep
    Karthik Pratheep

    What a mellow lad

  • Dr.Beyonder

    Thought this scrub was locked up

  • Kevs L.
    Kevs L.

    Bruh, I got those shirt of yo post XD

  • ايميلي ستار
    ايميلي ستار

    لماذا لم تقرأ إسم محمد آشتون قادر؟؟

  • Ryan Berndt
    Ryan Berndt


  • Chewygamer06

    David is the opposite to jack Harlow

  • NOOB

    No point in going undercover if you just unmask urself on stage

  • bill tim
    bill tim

    4:00 very nice edit on the knowledge. u da man man

  • Grum bum 6493
    Grum bum 6493

    Yo it’s Dwight the stone stevenson

  • Saitama


  • Reece Bryant
    Reece Bryant

    i love her sm

  • Lochiegamrpro G
    Lochiegamrpro G

    Yea I’m changing my mind about breaking in

  • wuut videos
    wuut videos

    🎶🎸👴🏻👨🏻🎸🎶 We are but men...... RRROCk!!!!

  • reina ciara
    reina ciara

    His tour bus is bigger than my house

  • epec20

    Such a brilliant actor. Up there with Pacino, Penn, Deniro

  • LazyBuccaneer

    Nice face.

  • ボジン

    the tomato ketchup and salad he didn't use must have been at least 30 bucks

  • Big Mike
    Big Mike

    Best Native American bad guy ever

  • Lxma

    les go poopies! good to see you thriving! yeah brah!

  • Misti Blu
    Misti Blu

    The snowman is a real Boss!!

  • David of Lazarus
    David of Lazarus

    Neighbours was the best thing I’ve seen him in .

  • Elmaz Okicic
    Elmaz Okicic


  • SavagexLover

    "What?!" Same sis😭😭😭😭🤣🤣🤣🤣💀

  • Keith B
    Keith B

    Sleepers- he was awesome

  • K. Victor
    K. Victor

    I'm so proud of my country's actors ♥️ Two of America' s best actors!!

  • Gunsafety Dwight
    Gunsafety Dwight

    "Now i can breathe" 0.1s later "im gonna die"

  • Mr. Ghoulie
    Mr. Ghoulie

    He was great in Mystery Men. Funny, because of how serious he is. Now I want Wes to play a Frank Drebin-type character in a comedy.

  • Vinita Gallegos
    Vinita Gallegos

    Man asked Daniel Day Lewis for an autograph with his left foot and he got it. Boss, lol.

  • K. Victor
    K. Victor

    AL Pacino in pretty woman that would've been interesting!!

  • Toho Awomi
    Toho Awomi

    Ugly jewelry ever seen😰

  • Just Varsha
    Just Varsha

    Jackson: I want to become a peacemaker. RM: yeah, I love pigeon too!

  • Kayla Hathorn
    Kayla Hathorn

    The repulsive innocent accordingly embarrass because colombia dolly chase pro a alleged operation. scandalous, fresh bed

  • Rma Treglown
    Rma Treglown

    I’d love for someone to take up the Jim Chee stories. I always pictured you in the part.

  • Patrick Garcia
    Patrick Garcia

    The muddled pail bacteriologically complete because crib shortly beam worth a succinct bonsai. confused, aboard point

  • Julle

    Should've had a real sauna with stove and stones lmao

  • Tavaro Evanis
    Tavaro Evanis

    I nearly forgot about those helmet rigs they had to wear during the filming of Avatar. Those things must have been extraordinarily distracting, which is a real testament to the acting ability of the cast.

  • david v
    david v

    Best movie I've seen so far and I was 12 at that time and have seen it at least 30+ times throughout my lifetime, music was great.

  • Amrozia Afsheen
    Amrozia Afsheen

    World wide comfortable jin

  • P G
    P G

    I know what he meant, but " You can win with the worst hand because nobody else as a hand better than you."